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He said that the rain made you sick because rainwater contained many germs and bacteria. So what if it rains? Relax, you can do several ways not to get sick after the rain. Check out the Hellosehat review:

Tips for not getting sick after the rain

When traveling outside, it suddenly rained. You forget to bring an umbrella or raincoat and almost reaches your destination absurdly. You will probably choose to continue the journey. Even if fate is faster, the body is wet because the rain can make you sick, such as a fever, flu, or a cold.

In fact, even if you use an umbrella, heavy rain and high winds can still leave your body wet. So that you do not become sick after the rain, immediately take the following steps.

1. Remove wet clothing immediately

One reason you may become sick after the rain is that your body temperature decreases due to humidity and cold. A decrease in body temperature can cause the weakening of the immune system.

A study shows that the rhinovirus can develop well in temperatures below 37 degrees Celsius. This temperature is the average body temperature when someone is raining.

At that time, the strong rhinovirus is certainly difficult to overcome by its weak immune system. As a result, the virus will overcome and cause infection in the nasal cavity. You may also get several diseases, such as sore throat, stuffy nose, cough and fever.

So that you do not get cold from the rain and the immune system does not weaken, you should remove your wet clothes.

2. Take a shower in warm water and dry the body

After removing the wet clothes, you must clean immediately. Because? This action can eliminate all the germs that attach to the skin, whether from rainwater or muddy roads.

Also, bathing in hot water after rain also helps increase body temperature. However, remember not too long, only 10 to 15 minutes just so the skin does not dry out. Then dry your body especially your hair.

take a bath

4. Wear very warm clothing

After the rain falls, the temperature in the room will also decrease. So that you do not get cold and the temperature of your body does not decrease, it is recommended to wear thicker clothes. These clothes can warm your body and keep you from getting sick after the rain.

5. Eat hot and resting food

Inhaling dry, cool air causes blood vessels in the upper respiratory tract to narrow, making you breathe more efficiently. This prevents white blood cells from reaching the mucous membrane to fight the rhinovirus.

For this, you need to breathe more humid and warm air. Try to make hot tea and breathe several times before drinking so that the way of breathing is smoother. So that your immune system gets stronger, getting enough rest. That way, you will avoid getting sick after the rain.



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