Saturday , October 23 2021

Yuvraj Singh deserved a better way out: Rohit Sharma


Yuvraj Singh deserved a better way out: Rohit Sharma

While social media was flooded with good luck votes for Yuvraj Singh after he announced his international retirement on Monday, Indian deputy captain Rohit Sharma said the southpaw did not say goodbye to the game after a stellar career in India. Rohit, who captained Yuvraj in the recent IPL in the Mumbai Indians, posted an enigmatic tweet saying that Yuvraj "deserved better expulsion." At the news conference announcing his retirement earlier in the day, Yuvraj suggested he was not entirely satisfied. with the way the final phase of his career was dealt with, saying that once he passed Yo-Yo's mandatory test in December 2017, his lack of selection for the Indian set-up was a decision for others to explain.

"You do not know what you have until it's gone," Rohit tweeted. "I love you brother You deserved a better send."

Yuvraj was quick to respond to Rohit's comment, saying that the Indian opening striker knew how he "felt inside."

Yuvraj also responded by saying, "You know how I feel inside! Baby, you're gonna be a legend.

At the press conference to announce the end of his 19-year career, Yuvraj said he was offered a farewell match if he did not pass the Yo-Yo test in December 2017. Yuvraj was able to pass the test but was never called back staff.

"I did not tell anyone at BCCI that I want a farewell game," said Yuvraj. "If I had the potential, I would have got off the ground. I did not need a game. I was told that if I failed the Yo-Yo test, I could play a retirement game. I told them that I do not need the game, if I do not pass the Yo-Yo test, I go home in silence. I passed the Yo-Yo Test and rest is not my calling. "

Yuvraj also added that he would not like to comment more at the moment, since the Indian team is in the middle of a World Cup but added that he will speak when the time is right.

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