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With the run-down of the rain, Finch wants Australia to be adaptable



"We have been very, very clear with the players that we want everyone to be adaptable and ready for any situation" © Getty

On Wednesday, Pakistan will not be the only opponent Australia will face. The World Cup seems to be stuck in a bad weather routine, with all three matches being wiped out in a week, and Taunton may be a fluke this time around. "Light rain showers and a gentle breeze," is what BBC Weather puts the forecast as.

Pakistan is already at the end against Sri Lanka, when persistent rains denied them two points for which they looked favorable. Australia have had three results in three games but may need to face the rain tomorrow. What will change in the preparation of Australia? "You never bet on the rain or anything like that. You always get ready for the 50 awards and then you work on the spot," Australian captain Aaron Finch said on Tuesday.

"Your team can change if it's a really late start or something.Everyone has to be prepared to shuffle their roles.And to be really adaptable and that's something we have really, really clear with the players we all want to be adaptable If you change the batting order, everyone would be called to play bowl. So you always prepare as much as possible for the 50's, and if moving is just a one-day thing, "he added. .

Although Finch is not willing to be sucked into a game plan specific to rain-affected games, he realizes the importance of misunderstandings and shared points, and why it's important to get some wins early in the game.

"I think it could have a big role in the next few days, I think. Next week everything starts well and looks good all over the country for the rest of the tournament," Finch said. "But it's important that you get early wins on the board because if they play a role, you do not want to be on the wrong side of some thieves who can let you out of the top four."

One thing the damp climate around the country did was add life to the fields. Scores above 400, if not 500, were expected throughout the tournament, but accumulating 300 on the board proved difficult. What is proving to be another detriment to the execution of points are the pitches used, which will be presented in a long tournament like this.

"I think there was enough rain and enough for the wickets to have a little bit of them," Finch said. "And there were a couple of times when we used a used wicket, which we probably did not use much for planning, the last game and the Trent Bridge game were used as wickets."

Even if Australia plays Pakistan in a new wicket in Taunton, he expects some help for the fast players at the start. "I do not know how it's going to be, but there's been a lot for the players. If you play well with a new ball, but it also has good leads," Finch said.

On the volatility of Pakistan as opposition

Nobody knows which Pakistan will appear, but Finch is not willing to accept them lightly; he even uses the adjective "dangerous" to describe them. They have just seen them corrode England's favorite mark in two consecutive ICC tournaments, and what happened in the middle – which was basically Pakistan losing heavily to England over and over again – is something that does not matter much in the scheme of things.

"They have a few world-class players," Babar said, "and Babar is in a good position to beat 3rd place and keep his batters together, but they also have some world-class players, Amir back and he seems to be back in his team." He is swinging the ball again. "Wahab has been fast and aggressive, and Shadab is a great player, Hasan had a great Champions Trophy as well.

"When you look at their side, there are no players you can ignore, they have a lot of experience on their side, they have a lot of winners, every time you face Pakistan, you have to play your best." to beat them, "Finch said.

In its own way

The captain of Australia recently had an average of one hundred against Pakistan in an ODI series. Even though the attack is very different this time, Finch is taking a "huge amount of confidence" to this World Cup game.

"I felt the way I played in that series against Pakistan was really enjoyable, especially in some great races, over 280, a loader, to be able to hit too deep, especially in the second game and get one The fact that we convinced ourselves was , I think, something that I was happy with myself because it's an area I had not really done in the past.

"It's going to be a totally different attack. I'm also very aware of that, but it still gives you a lot of confidence to get into a game."

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