Windows 10 updates will be 100% error free: Microsoft


Microsoft's latest version of its major Windows operating system, Windows 10, has recently faced the backlash because of its poor functionality since the 1809 update, launched in October 2018. The software giant has been in the limelight for all wrong reasons. from losing user data to disabling the administrator account.

Windows 10 Updates

In an attempt to get things right, the company has created a new strategy, which has not yet been formally announced. A Microsoft information development team spoke with WCCFtech, where some key information for the strategy was released. "Microsoft can now guarantee 100% continuous stability of all future upgrades by updating only the version number of current updates to a later version and issuing them as an upgrade. For example, version 1 would become version 2, then version 3, and so on. The jump between the version numbers will be bigger if it is a more significant improvement, "the team said.

The idea here is to have your customers upgrade to the latest version of the operating system before they use it. The team also ensures that it will make the operating system error-free, promising a seamless experience for users.


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