Weight Loss: Exercises You Can Do in Your Car to Flatten Your Stomach


What if we could use all the time we spent in traffic to exercise? Would not we become the most adequate version of ourselves? If you're shaking your head, here's how you can actually do it. We talk about abdominal strengthening exercises that promise to tone your abdominal walls. Here is the list.


Exercising while driving is not offensive, but safety comes first. Make sure you do not try some of these exercises while driving, so wait for the light to turn red.

Abdominal emptying

Closing your stomach deep in the lumbar spine is abdominal emptying. Contract your stomach slowly and avoid any movement in the chest and pelvic area. Exercise is also called a stomach vacuum. You can breathe lightly while holding the pose.

Exercise also works on the internal and external oblique, which supports the sides of the abdominal wall. A 2013 study from the Journal of Exercise Rehabilitation found that abdominal emptying reduces lumbar pain and adds muscle mass to the transverse abdomen.

Sitting pelvic tilt

You can do a sitting pelvic tilt by exhaling and then using the lower abdominal muscles to press the lower back into the car seat. Hold for a while. Now inhale and tilt the pelvis forward, widening the space between the lower back and the seat. Hold the position until the count of three and return to the original position.

Sitting twists

Standing oblique twists are wonderful for your love handles and it also strengthens your core. So now imagine if you want to do this while sitting. BUT wait for the light to do this. Sit in a straight line and stretch your right arms to the left (try touching the headrest) and repeat with your left arm again. To make the movement more intense, you can straighten your arms.


The University of Maryland Medical Center advises that your position while driving should be such that you do not have to lean forward while your hand is in the direction. Therefore, do not recline your seat more than 30 degrees and the bottom of the seat can be slightly tilted upwards from the front.

If you are planning to do these exercises while driving today, do not lift anything heavy right after getting out of the car.


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