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Virat Kohli saves the attacker from Indore's security personnel. To see


Virat Kohli is undoubtedly the most followed cricket player in the world right now and wherever the Indian captain goes, fans follow him. They appear in large numbers to see you play, regardless of location. Kohli must also like the love and attention he gets from fans, as long as everything is within limits. On the third day of the first test against Bangladesh in Indore, a fervent Virat Kohli fan jumped a fence during a drink break and rushed to the playing field. The fan, with "VK" and the number 18 painted on his back, tried to touch the feet of Indian cricketers, but security on land soon caught up with him. Virat Kohli wrapped his arm around the fan's neck as he urged security personnel to be kind to the field invader.

Kohli's kind gesture has won hearts on the Internet. Here are some reactions.

Field invasion incidents are on the rise in India. In most cases, intruders cause embarrassment to organizers, cricketers and often viewers as well.

On the third day of the second test between India and South Africa in Pune, a fan violated the security coverage.

Sunil Gavaskar, who was in the commentary at the time, raised concerns about player safety after the incident.

"These incidents happen because security guards are not watching the crowd but watching the match. This has been the perennial problem in India. Security is not there to watch the match for free. They are there to prevent these interruptions from happening." Gavaskar had said.

"I say, put the camera in safety and make sure they are watching the match or the crowd. This is a dangerous safety issue, so that you are there, to make sure no one falls to the ground. Anyone can cause damage to happen." in the past why take a chance, "added Gavaskar.

With regard to the series in question, India crushed Bangladesh by a number of entries and 130 races in three days to take the lead by 1-0 in both Saturday matches.

The second and final match is a day and night match, with India holding their first pink ball test at Eden Gardens in Kolkata starting Nov. 22.

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