Thursday , October 21 2021

Virat Kohli: It's too early to talk about semi-final, says Virat Kohli | Cricket news



LONDON: Two have played against two leading teams and both have won. India made a strong statement early in the World Cup. Before the action started, India was one of the imagined teams, but it's one thing to be a paper favorite and quite another to live up to that brand.


India, the last to play their first game in the tournament, was scheduled to clash with stronger teams initially. They proved to be equal to the task, beating South Africa and Australia on the trot. If it was an incisive bowling performance in Southampton against Proteas, the batsman came ahead against Australia on Sunday.

Is the way to the semifinals easier now? Captain Virat Kohli preferred to hold his horses. "I think it's too early to decide that. I think after six games we will be in a better position to know where we are in the tournament," Kohli said after the match in Australia. He added: "We could not have asked for a better start against two strong sides."


Kohli saw positive points in playing the most imagined teams at the start of the tournament. "The good thing is that we are playing all the strong sides, so if we do well in the first phase, we will be in a better position to reach the semifinals. From that point of view, we have to be at the top." of our game and that is precisely what we have done in both games. "

Kohli revealed that the win over Australia was especially enjoyable as the team was suffering from the home defeat for them recently. "We were more motivated to win because we lost the series in India after we were 2-0."

Skipper feels that all departments worked efficiently

The Indian lineup struck beautifully at the Oval, setting a huge target that proved to be very scary for Aaron Finch and Kohli acknowledged the brilliant striker's batting but also praised the other aspects of India's game.

"I could not have asked for a better game in all three departments.We set the tone the way we wanted with the cue in the front, getting a great opening partnership.I have races, Hardik played exceptionally well, MS played his role perfectly , KL hit the ball in such a beautiful way. From that point of view, I think we played a good game of one day, something that any team would like to do. "


Pursuing more than 350, the task of Australia was hampered by the high number of balls of balls that India managed to deliver. Kohli gave the credit of having strike players in his line-up. "At one-day cricket, when you have attack bowling, you'll get balls of balls because the scouts give respect to a guy who can get you out of there."

Speaking about Hardik Pandya's promotion in the batting order, Kohli revealed that history had a role to play in the decision. "The communication was that if I left, the MS (Dhoni) would come to control that end, and if the other guy left, Hardik would come in. Communication came from the management that said we're going to send the Hardik and try to capitalize. (the good start) because the last time we played here against Sri Lanka we reached 330 and we still lost the game.

"And then Hardik said to me in the middle that if I'm there at one end, it gives him the freedom to attack from the one ball, and he wanted to attack the 200. That was his plan, and then MS came in and He The manager understood that this is a phase where we could get these extra races, and they just sent the Hardik. I think it was a very, very good plan, "said the captain.

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