Saturday , October 16 2021

This is the best food for after sex, according to studies

After getting hot and heavy with your partner, you probably managed to burn lots of calories. So, what do you do next? Fuel your body and share a post-sex meal. Although there are foods that stimulate your sex drive and do it better in bed, there is a specific food that is the best and most preferred postcoital meal, a new study has found.

Can you guess what this is? Hint: It's cheesy and you can have slices of it!


The study

According to a study conducted in America by a social media company, pizza is the best food after sex. While there is no denying the fact that the famous fast food item has many buyers worldwide, there is a solid reason why pizza is especially the menu option for after a session getting intimate.

The reason? People are more likely to form connections or form strong sexual bonds with someone who has the same food taste or preferences as them.

The organization has researched about 2000 millennia that claimed to be sexually active. Talking about what they liked to do after sex, most of them went down to eat and then came the answer from the pizzas. Coming up to pizza was tacos and then ice cream. Only a few people in the research preferred something healthy as a salad.

46% of the people involved in the study who voted yes to the pizza said that they felt more attracted to their partners when they had the same taste as them. People were also twice as likely to get along with potential partners if they shared the common taste of food.

The study also made a very interesting observation. More than food, it was the eating habits that took people from post-sex. The research highlighted that if potential partners chewed loudly or ate with their mouths open, they repelled people. In fact, the habit was more repulsive than other "unhealthy" habits, such as eating junk food or drinking too much.

This continues to support the fact that after sex (or after enjoying an intimate moment), people were more likely to enjoy comfort foods than something healthy and thus the junk food earns more buyers.

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