This bowling action & # 39; Switch & # 39; is taking the Internet by storm


The game of cricket, like everything else, is evolving with time. Players often try something new and if the rules of the game allow it, it becomes the latest fad. While beaters are allowed to play some unusual shots like reverse scoops, helicopter shots and switch hits, there are a number of restrictions on players even in the current game. In a more recent video shared by the Control Board for Cricket in India (BCCI) on their Facebook page, we can see a left-handed turner pitching a 360-degree turn before releasing the delivery and the referee calling him of dead ball. . The pitcher, however, did not change his arms. While ambidextrous players are getting a lot of attention, this first type of bowling action may take some time to be accepted.

The video, which has more than 15,000 views, has cricket fans on social media divided. Some think it was a legitimate delivery, while others agree with the referee.

Watch and decide for yourself

Here are some interesting comments

Curiously, many unusual bowling actions were hit before they became sensations.

Paul Adams may not have been a big name in South African cricket history, but he was world renowned for his strange but effective action.

Shivil Kaushik caught everyone's attention after he made his IPL debut for the Gujarat Lions in 2016. Within minutes, after delivering his first ball, Kaushik dominated the Internet.

People started comparing him to Paul Adams.

The bowling action of Team India leader Jasprit Bumrah was also under the scanner in its early days. With an abnormal and unorthodox action and natural rhythm, he is now the number 1 ODI player in the ICC ranking.


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