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The Leonid meteor shower hits its peak tomorrow night – see how to see it in the UK

If you like stargazing, book tomorrow night in your journal.

The Leonid Meteor Shower will peak Sunday night, providing the perfect opportunity to see a shooting star.

The shower runs annually from November 6 to 30, but peaks this weekend, when there will be about 15 meteors flying across the night sky every hour.

Best of all, meteor showers will be visible to the naked eye, which means there's no need to use expensive equipment to get involved!

Here is everything you need to know about Leonid Meteor Shower, including what it is and how to see it in the UK.

When is the Leonid Meteor Shower?

The Leonid Meteor Shower takes place every year from 6th to 30th November.

This year's peak will be on the night of November 17th, so be sure to look up at the sky!

Meteor rain

When is the best time to see a meteor?

For your best chance of seeing a meteor, look at the sky around midnight.

You'll have to have eagle eyes – Leonids travel at speeds of 44 miles / second and are considered the fastest meteors on the market!

Where do meteors come from?

The Leonids come from bits of debris from Comet 55P / Tempel-Tuttle.

Meteor shower Leonid
Leonid meteor shower in November 1998

NASA explained: “When comets appear around the sun, the dust they emit gradually spreads along a dusty trail around their orbits.

"Every year the earth goes through these trails of debris, which allows the bits to collide with our atmosphere, where they disintegrate to create bands of fire and color in the sky."

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Tips for seeing a meteor

Meteors are most easily seen in dark areas, far away from city or street lights, so head for the field.

NASA advised: “Stand with your feet east, lie on your back and look up, absorbing as much sky as possible.

“In less than 30 minutes in the dark, your eyes will adjust and you will begin to see meteors.

"Be patient – the show will last until dawn, so you have plenty of time to catch a glimpse."

If you're going to watch the meteor shower, finish warming up!

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