The British man, famous for equating his turbans to his Rolls-Royce for 7 days, becomes viral again – that's why


Reuben Singh with his Rolls Royce

Reuben Singh with his Rolls Royce (Pic Credit: Twitter / @ SinghLions) & nbsp

London: Just over a year ago, in December 2017, British entrepreneur Reuben Singh had become a viral sensation on the internet after accepting the challenge & # 39; to & # 39; the color of his turban with that of his Rolls-Royce for seven days. The challenge was in response to a man calling his turban "bandage," which led Singh to take revenge on a unique style and also spread the message of acceptance and love.

Now the "colorful" British-Sikh businessman is gaining an eye on social media again, thanks to his collection of six new Rolls-Royce, which he calls "Jewels Collection." Singh posted a photo of the cars on his Instagram account on January 30th. Along with that, he wrote, "The Jewels Collection.Rubis, Sapphires and Emeralds.It's ok to be a bit obsessed with jewelry as jewelry is like ice cream" there is always a small space for more. "

The photo posted on Instagram by Singh features six cars – three Rolls Royce Phantom worth about Rs 3,35,43,706 each and three Rolls-Royce Cullinan, which cost about Rs 2,32,97,821 each, according to

He posted another photo of you with his six luxury cars. He wrote in the post: "In life, many things we do for ourselves are then irrelevantly questioned by others. People ask why? For what? Because of? What is the point? "Making a point of inspiration, Singh added:" As long as no one is hurt, no one is betrayed or no one is deceived; Smile and do whatever you want. It does not have to be an answer to everyone's question. "


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