The Best Photography Lie Day Jokes Of 2019


It's that day of the year when fake news is not only acceptable, but expected all over the world and on the Web. We've put together some of the funniest jokes on the Photography World's Lie Day for your enjoyment.

New Shutterstock library

Shutterstock has announced the largest physical and physical library of photos and assets in the world.

Shock Absorbers in the Camera Industry

Jared Polin shares the latest industry news including Sony announcing the a7S III, Fuji going full frame and Nikon adding a second card slot to the Z6 and Z7 through a squeeze.

New Nikon Instant Camera

Nikon Rumors reports on Nikon getting ready to launch a new instant camera "that will destroy everything that exists in the market today in terms of image quality."

Nikon left-handed DSLR

Nikon Rumors also reports that Nikon is gearing up to launch an APS-C DSLR camera designed for left-handed photographers.

The Vintalens Kit

Mathieu Stern announces the Vintalens kit, which helps you transform your expensive modern lens into a modern vintage.

Vérité, the 16K VRR headset

Surreal Innovations has announced Vérité, the world's first 16K real-world headset. It helps you see your surroundings as you would in real life.

Sony reveals the A8s

sonyalpharumors has the hole in the new Sony A8 mirrorless camera that features a new high-resolution ultra-sensitive (USHR) sensor, 97.2 megapixels, 6fps, ISO 3276800, 10K RAW video, 12K photos, dual card slots SD and more than 20 dynamic range stops. Price: $ 10,299.99.

Elon Musk's Camera Ambitions

Photo Rumors reports that billionaire Elon Musk is partnering with Yashica to work on the Y35, "the biggest camera ever made."

Pentax reveals the ME-D

Ricoh Imaging UK has just announced the Pentax ME-D, a digital tribute to the 1976 Pentax ME (via Pentax Rumors).

The SD Card Photo Printer

Digital Camera Warehouse has announced the Finger Print memory card printer, the world's smallest printer. It is a memory card in SD format that can also print photos at 401 dpi.

A new camera shredding service

Do you want your camera to look that old? Kamerastore has launched a new camera personalization service "to help with this beautiful and much sought after black ink patina." A team of experts will give your camera one hand at a time.

P.S. We will continue to update this post with more jokes as we come across them. Feel free to let us know of any good that deserves a place!


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