Sushant Singh Rajput and Rhea Chakraborty are ready to book a stay at Ladakh? There are posts on Instagram that say


Earlier we reported that Sushant Singh Rajput would be dating Rhea Chakraborty. And while the two were not seen together, it looks like they went on holiday together in Ladakh.

In early May 2019, we talked about a new couple making a buzz, and that was none other than Sushant Singh Rajput and Rhea Chakraborty. Things between the two apparently came soon and, in no time, they were dating each other. Meanwhile, and there has been no update on the same since it seems like the two are dating, after all it seems like they've taken a vacation together in Ladakh and it's just Instagram posts that make everyone feel that way.

Both Rhea and Sushant shared photos of their time in Ladakh, and there is a photo they both have with a child, which has aroused the interest of many. While Sushant was going there with a group of friends, Rhea seemed to be part of the holiday as well. Although, in fact, there is no confirmation that the two are dating, since they can holiday together and still do not date, but with reports about the two, this seems to be just a confirmation of that!

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Earlier, a source told us: "Rhea and Sushant have been through a lot of quality time these days. They are still calling each other "good friends", but the reality is they are already seeing each other. When Sushant is not in town and relaxing at his home in Lonavala, Rhea also accompanies him a few times. They are keeping their relationship a secret for now before taking you to the next level. "


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