The Sports and Recreation Committee yesterday came down
with a heavy hand on the Zimbabwe Cricket after they announced the suspension of
the council led by Tavengwa Mukuhlani on the allegations of defying the order to suspend
an Ordinary General Meeting held last week.
The CEO of ZC, Givemore Makoni, was also suspended
with immediate effect. A new interim committee, led by veteran cricket
Administrator Dave Ellman-Brown as President, was put into practice to
cricket matters in this country. O
other members of the interim committee are retired judge Ahmed Ibrahim,
Charlie Robertson, former president of the Mashonaland Cricket Association
Mandenge, Robertson Chinyengetere, Sekesai Nhokwara and Duncan Frost. O
The committee will, among other things, investigate and oversee the
association, including the elective AGM of June 14, and a forensic audit that led to the
the organization of elections for a new board until September 15, 2020.
In a long statement yesterday, the Sports Commission
indicated that they acted within the limits of the law and their decision
will not be construed as governmental interference by International Cricket

There is a danger that the overturned council will take the issue
with ICC claiming government interference, which could come with terrible

ICC last week issued a severe warning that ZC would be
suspended and cut off from all activities if the motion by the Sports Commission
was considered as government interference.
Mlotshwa also said that the government has an interest in the way sports
associations have been implemented since the organizations asked the same government
for redemptions on several occasions.
"The fact that Zimbabwe Cricket is a full member of the ICC
does not mean that it is not subject to the laws of Zimbabwe, in particular the
provisions of the SRC Act. It is a matter of documented public knowledge that
Zimbabwe Cricket has been the subject of several controversies over the
years. There were allegations of total disrespect for his own constitution,
neglect of game development and related infrastructure
the country.
"Some of your office bearers, past and present, have been
object of allegations involving fraud, violation of foreign exchange controls and
corruption and crime related to money and
Zimbabwe Cricket and International Cricket Council.

"On different, and at least two occasions, the SRC has
suspending officials and members of the board, without the involvement of
International Council of Cricket, always respecting the application of the
domestic laws of Zimbabwe, particularly where
of the respective parties coincided, "said Mlotshwa.

Mlotshwa has indicated that his newly installed
of clutter to clean up as many sporting codes in Zimbabwe are fraught with
a controversy stemming from constitutional and governance deficiencies,
including financial mismanagement. Harare's lawyer said that ZC acted
illegally when they went ahead with their elective AGM in Victoria Falls in
June 14, which resulted in the re-election of Mukuhlani and his deputy,
Sylvester Matshaka, on a 13-member council.
The Sports Commission last week warned that the meeting
was not sanctioned because of allegations of fraud, constitutional violations
and complaints in the nomination process in one of the provinces. However, Mukuhlani said that they continued with
the AGM elects after receiving the blessing of delegates and the world
body of cricket. He also said that they "do not
violate any section of the SRC Act in the fulfillment of our mandate to have an AGM. "
Mlotshwa said ZC acted illegally in going against the
Sports Commission, pursuant to Section 19 (a) and (b) of the
SRC Act, hence the decision to suspend the entire board.
"The Sports and Recreation Council resolved that:
"1. Zimbabwe Cricket's failure to suspend its elective election
AGM (and ignoring a court order) amounts to failure to comply with the SRC
contrary to the provisions of Section 30 (a) and (b) of the SRC Act;

"2. The SRC hereby suspends WITH IMMEDIATE EFFECT, the
the entire council of Zimbabwe Cricket ostensibly elected as such on June 14, 2019,
in Victoria Falls;

"3. SRC suspends, by IMMEDIATE EFFECT, the
Acting Executive Director of Zimbabwe Cricket, Givemore Makoni;
"4. SRC, pursuant to Section 30 (2) of the SRC Act,
appointed an interim committee to administer the affairs of Zimbabwe Cricket, which
is additionally requested here, "said Mlotshwa.
Meanwhile, in another development, the Sports Commission
indicated that they will not renew the fixed term contracts of the Director of
And the Director of Sports and Recreation Development who
expire on July 31, 2019 "in line with the rapid restructuring of SRC to
the purpose of complying its statutory
mandate ".


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