Samsung supposedly working on a smaller Galaxy Note 10


With the launch of the Galaxy S10 out of the way, Samsung can now focus on its second-of-the-line smartphone of the year. There have been some reports about the Galaxy Note 10. The latest outside of South Korea suggests that Samsung may be working on a smaller Galaxy Note 10.

It would be the first time we would have two separate models of a flagship Galaxy Note. Everything is possible at this point, however, given that there are four models of the Galaxy S10. Samsung may have been driven by the success of the Galaxy S10e to try the same with its phablet.

Galaxy Note 10 smaller can follow in the footsteps of Galaxy S10e

Local reports from South Korea suggest that Samsung can offer the lowest Galaxy Note 10 in selected markets, Europe to be precise. It may be looking to attract customers who are uncomfortable with smartphones that have very large views. It is believed that the Galaxy Note 10 has a 6.7-inch display, much like the Galaxy S10 5G, so the smaller model can maintain the Galaxy Note 9's 6.4-inch display.

The report mentions that Samsung supplied parts from its suppliers for the two models separately. It may target a niche market of customers who do not prefer massive views with this device. Samsung preached the small main formula with the Galaxy S10e. We mentioned in our review of the Galaxy S10e that it is a really good phone and that its popularity with customers is proof of that. Maybe the company thinks it can replicate that success with a smaller and crucially cheaper Galaxy Note 10.

This is mere speculation at this point, although it is far from certain that there will be two Galaxy Note models. Even if Samsung decides to do so, it would not make sense to limit the device to selected markets. So take this with a heavy dose of salt until we find out more. What you can expect with reasonable certainty are two separate Galaxy Note 10 models, one for each 4G and 5G.


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