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Rohit bhai said he will use me as Bumrah: Deepak Chahar

New Delhi: It almost seemed that Bangladesh would flee with the third T20I in Nagpur on Sunday and with it would record its first victory over India, as Mohammad Naim and Mohammad Mithun appeared to be in cruise mode. With the dew not helping, Captain Rohit Sharma handed the ball to the Deepak Chahar pacemaker, waiting for the young man to approach the occasion. And that's exactly what he did.

Chahar, who had already climbed to Liton Das and Soumya Sarkar, delivered instantly on the 13th and the collapse began. The rest, as they say, is history. Chahar finished with 6/7 numbers – the best in T20Is – and also became the second Indian to pick a hat trick in the format.

Speaking to IANS, Chahar said that while everyone is talking about him picking the hat trick and beating India in the game under conditions not suitable for bowling players, it is the faith that Captain Rohit showed in him that makes him happy.

"He told me I'm going to use him as a Bumrah today. I'm going to put him on the crucial overs and that was motivating for me. I love it when I get responsibilities under pressure because it makes me feel like I'm being trusted. I feel bad when no one trusts me. To get that confidence from the captain, it felt good at this stage of the game, "he smiled.

It's not always that you have players enjoying the fact that he's compared to a teammate, but Chahar says there's no doubt that Bumrah is the number one player currently in format and it's a matter of pride to be compared to the pacemaker. .

"Imandar hona chahiye (You must be honest) Â I know where he is and I also know where I am. He is the number 1 player in the format and as a T20 player he has everything, whether in rhythm or control. He is the number 1 player to me and says this is not a shame. I'm not competing with him and my job is to do well. You need to focus on the game and the team must win and that should be the priority.

"When they were sailing at the end of 12 flights, I wanted to go to him and ask the captain for the ball, but I didn't because I knew the captain would have his plan and give me the ball. I thought we shouldn't lose the game and the ball. What matters when playing in the country is playing and winning matches, "he explained.

More than the shutters he took, it was the confidence he showed despite the dew that made people sit and take notes, and the pacemaker says that touching Chennai helped him learn the art.

"Playing in Chennai helped a lot. In Chennai there is a lot of dew and sweat and I made mistakes and I bowled in those situations, but I learned from that. I learned from this experience what to play in these situations and how to do the work," he said.

Speaking of Chennai and IPL is incomplete without bringing M.S. Dhoni and Chahar said the former captain of India does not believe in sharing much information and supports you to do the job.

"I keep talking to Dhoni, but Mahi bhai doesn't give much information. He explains things in game situations where he feels you need help. He always says you're a pro and should know what your strengths and strengths are." "the weaknesses are and how you should handle a particular situation. It gives you the confidence that you are good at acting at the highest level," he smiled.

Experts often talk about how he is another new ball player, but Chahar silenced everything with his performance on Sunday. And the CSK pacemaker says it was more about people taking things on, because he always had variations on his sleeves.

"People assumed that and didn't give me a chance to bow down with death. Whenever I had a chance, I played well. I've played before too, even for my state. Usually you don't bow down to the deaths that fall unless." 130 km / h, but I don't have this problem. I played about 135 km / h, even on the IPL, and I say that in CSK I was not used because Mahi Bhai had other players.

"It also depends on the captain. The team requirement is also something you need to look into. Like on Sunday, we had only two fast players in Khaleel Ahmed and me. Shivam Dube is not a suitable fast player. So Rohit bhaiya used it when I played before, the assembly needed me to fall on top, "he pointed out.

Every player is preparing to keep the T20 World Cup in mind, and although Chahar also wants to go ahead and represent the country at the main event in Australia in 2020, he wants to keep working on his game and improve with each passing day.

"The T20 World Cup is about 11 months and that is a long time. Obviously, I have this in mind and we are looking to win the trophy, but as a sportsman, you can't think as much as there is a lot of international cricket. IPL I want to gain more board confidence by then and there will be times when I get hit and I still want to earn the trust of the team to support me.

"I play every game on the last one because the competition is so high and the fast bowling unit is doing very well. Cementing your spot on this team is very difficult so I try to introduce myself whenever I have a chance," he finished. .

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