PewDiePie reaches YouTube's biggest landmark before the T-Series in "Return of the Century"


While T-Series appeared to take the lead in late March, the song quickly propelled the PewDiePie back to the top, and now the race is back – for your enjoyment.

PewDiePie discussed his astounding victory during a game of "You Laugh, You Lost" just before his most recent historic achievement, where he called the development of "The Return of the Century."

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"It's ironic how we did the song" Congratulations "to close the meme, to stop the meme," he said about the situation. "We finally did it … the return of the damn century."

His statement sounds true; things really did look hopeless for the YouTube king after the T-Series got a convincing lead over PewDiePie for a five-day period.

Flare TV, YouTube

PewDiePie reached 93 million subscribers ahead of the T-Series, with a huge difference of 300,000 subscribers in its favor.

Seated with more than 100,000 subscribers above the PewDiePie, the T-Series made fans work hard to get their crown back – but PewDiePie's own deterrent track dealt with it, with YouTuber rising above its rival Bollywood.

Why is the T-series growing so fast?

The sudden wave of T-Series subscribers can be credited to the country's recent access to Wi-Fi, thanks to the mobile network provider Jio.

Jio's services provide citizens with affordable internet in rural areas, which means that more people in India are online than ever before – prompting a massive increase in subscribers to the YouTube Channel's T-series.


Jio's network services are enabling India to go online at amazing speeds, providing affordable prices for rural areas of the country.

T Series "Exposed" by PewDiePie

Despite PewDiePie's success, PewDiePie's "Congratulations" track unearthed serious dirt on the company, claiming that it had started its business by providing pirated music – and even linking CEO Bhushan Kumar to the Indian mafia.

This is not everything; PewDiePie also mentioned a case of sexual harassment against Kumar, which was later withdrawn in early 2019 after the plaintiff admitted that the allegations were false.

Despite these allegations, the T-Series continues to thrive thanks to several of its videos that have become viral in the process – but PewDiePie's dedicated fan base is ensuring that it reaches 100 million subscribers ahead of the label in the meantime .


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