Saturday , October 23 2021

Obesity increases risk of bullying, perpetrator


Researchers have found that obese adolescents are significantly more likely to suffer from bullying, but the chances of being bullies are also higher compared to their healthy counterparts.

Overweight or obese adolescents who are victims or perpetrators of bullying or both have significantly greater chances of having depression, behavioral problems and difficulty making friends, said the study published in the journal Childhood Obesity.

"While it is clear that as a group, the obese have been more involved in bullying than other groups, it is unclear to what extent the obese are victims of bullying or the source?" In a large nationally representative sample, it was determined that obese people were both victims and perpetrators, "said Tom Baranowski of Baylor College of Medicine in the USA.

The study involved more than 31,000 adolescents aged 10 to 17 years.

During the study, researchers compared bullying behavior among obese and healthy-weight adolescents and found significant differences for bullying victimization and for being a victim and perpetrator.

Teenagers with obesity involved in bullying behaviors had significantly greater odds of behavioral behavior problems, depression, excessive discussions and difficulty making friends compared to obese adolescents who were neither abusers nor victims, according to the researchers.


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