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No one wants the Energizer inch-thick smartphone.

The World's Most Durable Smartphone, under the Energizer brand, has managed to attract only 1% of its Indiegogo funding. Clearly no one wants a cell phone so thick in their pockets.

Energizer P18K Smartphone Avenir Telecom

Smartphone manufacturers are still pushing for thinner handsets, though most consumers are probably happy with how fast they are. However, the one-inch thick Energizer Power Max P18K Pop smartphone proves that none of us want very thick phones.

Like The Verge reports at MWC Barcelona 2019 in February, much attention was paid to the Energizer brand's P18K smartphone offered by Avenir Telecom. The reason for the interest was due to the thickness of the phone, reaching 22mm, is almost an inch thick.

Although ridiculous, the thickness was with good reason, as the P18K boasts a battery of 18,000mAh inside. It kept promise of 90 hours of calls, listening to 100 hours of music or watching videos for two days before a recharge was needed. It also doubled as a very capable power bank, while technically still classifying it as a pocket device.

Although the phone became very popular when first unveiled, that popularity did not turn into cash for the crowdfunding campaign launched to fund it. Avenir Telecom asked for $ 1.2 million in Indiegogo, with initial promises to secure a P18K for only $ 549. Unfortunately, only 11 people supported the campaign, which means that only one percent ($ 15,005) of the target of US $ 1.2 million was reached.

The P18K is therefore dead in the water, but the Avenir Telecom can not be discouraged. The amount of attention the phone conquered shows that there is a potential market for large battery phones, but clearly that has gone too far. Maybe if they opted for a 9,000mAh battery and cut the thickness up to half an inch, would there be more interest?

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