News – PUBG Corp cancels its "PUBG Fix" campaign, the focus is now on stability and quality


PUBG Corp. has announced that it has temporarily discontinued its "Fix PUBG" campaign ahead of schedule. The Fix PUBG initiative was introduced to address performance issues and longstanding bugs, but PUBG Corp. acknowledged that devoting all of its development resources to Fix PUBG has strangely caused several new stability issues.

"I apologize to the players on behalf of the development team for postponement so far, but although we are a little behind schedule with FIX PUBG, we still find it important to share the results of this campaign" said Taeseok Jang, executive producer on the PlayerUnknown battlefield.

The Fix PUBG campaign began in August and was designed to address four key areas of issues for PUBG – client performance, server performance and network code, anti-cheat and matchmaking, and bug fixes.

Jang explains that PUBG Corp has had some degree of success in the last three months. Customer performance is now a bit smoother, with improved frame rates across the board. Initial gaming server performance also improved in the region by 20% compared to July, allowing for a more stable game early in the fall. However, there is a persistent question of desynchronization, which is a result of server fee fluctuations.

From now on, building stability and quality will be the top priority for PUBG updates. "At the beginning, it is likely to slow down our build rate, but as these processes become more proficient, we expect to deliver new content as quickly as possible while maintaining our new stability and our first quality goal" Taeseok Jang said. "Although we can not say how long this will take, we promise that we will do our best to get to this stage as soon as possible."

However, there are still many issues with PUBG that still need to be fixed, and several fans are not very happy. Development has been slow and monolithic in a way that did not allow PUBG to move forward and adapt as quickly as possible, or perhaps it should.

There is a real sense that the PUBG Corp. has fallen massively in relation to the long-term success of the game. The Battlegrounds of PlayerUnknown was nothing less than a phenomenon last year, but it is increasingly wilting on the vine. The counts of Peak Steam players are falling and there is little doubt that they have been well and truly usurped by Fortnite in recent days. The two games are incredibly different, but they are often uttered at the same time, and while Fortnite approves weekly updates of content, map changes and major events, PUBG is relatively static and, well, unfinished in comparison. There's also the little COD thing: the Blackout mode of Black Ops 4, which gained lots of applause during its first month. Despite this, PUBG is still the most played game on Steam, so there are many reasons to rescue it if PUBG Corp can avoid the slip.

How are you finding PUBG these days, were you satisfied with the results of the Fix PUBG campaign? Are you in danger of falling into disgrace? Let us know your thoughts!


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