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Maharashtra political turnover: Shiv Sena says to work with NPC-Congress in government | India News

MUMBAI – Shiv Sena chief Uddhav Thackeray said on Tuesday that Congress, the NCP and their party will work out a formula for forming the government in Maharashtra that has faced political uncertainty for nearly three weeks.
Attacking the BJP for claiming that the Seine had been in contact with the NCP-Congress since the October 24 survey results, Thackeray said he had allied himself with the NDA's main constituent in his "dark times."
"I officially talked to the NCP-Congress just yesterday (Nov. 11), seeking support for the formation of the government. We will work out a formula for it," he told reporters after meeting the MLA de Sena elect at a suburban resort .
He said the Seine needs clarity on the Common Minimum Program (CMP), as well as Congress and the NCP, in order for a government to be formed with their support.
"We have six months. Shiv Sena, the NCP and Congress will meet and draft a CMP. The Seine and the NCP-Congress have different points of view on various issues … they will work and claim the formation of the government," Thackeray said.
The Seine president was interested in Governor B S Koshyari for denying more time to garner support for government formation in the state, where the president's government was imposed on Tuesday night.
The Seine did not submit the letters of support required by the NCP and Congress when it met with the governor on Monday night to file a claim to form the government.
"The governor of Maharashtra had given us a letter (asking Seine to show willingness to form government) even before the deadline for the BJP to expire. Then we asked the governor for additional time, which he denied.
"Now, it seems, the governor has given us enough time of six months to decide on the formation of the government," Thackeray said sarcastically.
"We asked for 48 hours, but the governor gave us six months," he said.
Answering the question, he said: "After the governor's letter to me, I asked the NCP-Congress if they could come forward for government formation in Maharashtra. I think they met today and held a meeting. Every party has some points. discussing, we will meet and find a way out. "
He attacked the Bharatiya Janata Party, saying, "The fact that I contacted the NCP Congress yesterday just proves the BJP's claim that I was in touch with them since election day, wrong."
Reaffirming Sana's commitment to Hindutva, he pointed out that parties with different ideologies forged an alliance with the BJP.
"I sought information on how the BJP formed alliances with non-ideological partners such as Mehbooba Mufti (PDP-J & K), Nitish Kumar (JDU-Bihar), Chandrababu Naidu (TDP-Andhra Pradesh) and Ramvilas Paswan (LJP-Bihar).
"It will be helpful for me to understand how to move forward with Congress and the NCP," said the Seine leader.
Asked if he received any offer from BJP, Thackeray said: "If every day they make a different offer, it makes no sense to take it seriously.
"I was surprised to find that we received only 24 hours, while the BJP had 48 hours to claim government formation."
Asked if he officially broke the BJP alliance, Thackeray said, "If it's broken, it's for them and not for me. They lied and tried to prove me a liar. It made me furious."
"I'm not attracted to the NCP-Congress. But the state BJP president wished me good luck to move on with both parties and form the government. I think I should respect him," he said.
Choosing not to participate in the government formation race last weekend, state BJP President Chandrakant Patil said: "If Shiv Sena wants to insult the people's mandate and form a government with Congress and PCN, our best wishes. "
Thackeray reiterated that the sharing of the CM position was decided before the assembly's polls, but the BJP did not honor that commitment.
"It is not true Hindutva when you are in favor of the Ram temple, but it breaks the promise. I want Ram Rajya in the country, which includes keeping promises made to people. If someone is not keeping the promise, it is not Hindutva," he said.
"If Maharashtra's policy is taking a new form, everyone needs to wait a while," Thackeray said, repeatedly refusing to reveal the broad outlines of a possible Senate-led government backed by the NCP-Congress.
"Before the Lok Sabha elections (in April-May), the BJP came together to form an alliance (with Seine) because I had already decided to go separately," he said.
"The scenario was that the BJP would win about 210 seats (Lok Sabha) in the country. Nevertheless, I decided to go with the BJP and run for election," he said.
The Seine chief spoke at the press conference shortly after a similar press from congressional and NCP leaders in southern Mumbai.
At their joint press meeting, leaders of Congress and the NCP said they had not yet made a decision on supporting Shiv Sena to form the government in Maharashtra, but would hold further discussions on the issue.
The Seine, with 56 seats, is the second largest party after the BJP (105). If it comes along with the NCP (54) and Congress (44), the three parties (with a combined sum of 154) can easily violate the 145 majority mark in the 288-member house.
The state plunged into political uncertainty after the BJP-Seine fight with power, although its alliance gained a comfortable majority in the polls of the 21 October assembly.

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