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Keto Diet for Weight Loss May Improve Immunity and Protect Against Influenza: Study

For weight loss, there are a number of diet plans available to choose from. Among them all, the keto diet has become particularly popular for its apparent rapid results. The diet includes low carbohydrate, low calorie and high fat foods; a combination that seems to be working for many people. In addition to weight loss, here is another reason why the ketological diet can be beneficial to health. To believe the findings of a new study, The keto diet can also help improve the body's immunity and protect it from common flu and infections such as the flu.

Researchers previously discovered that the keto diet can control inflammation in rats with gout. Inflammation also occurs due to influenza, and they concluded that the ketological diet could have the same effect on influenza-induced inflammation, which could be detrimental to lung health. They found that The ketogenic diet may increase a specific type of T-cell found in the lungs, which plays an important role in activating the body's immune response. The finding was published in the journal Science Immunology.

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Lead author Emily L. Goldberg of the Yale School of Medicine said: "In this study, we showed that eating a low-carb, high-fat ketogenic (KD) diet protects mice from lethal infection and disease. Feeding with KD resulted in lung T-cell expansion that improved barrier functions, increasing antiviral resistance.Expansion of these protective T-cells required metabolic adaptation to a ketogenic diet because it did not feed the rats a high-protein diet. fats and carbohydrates did not even provide the body's chemical substrate for ketone that bypasses infection-protected liver ketogenesis, so KD-mediated immuno-metabolic integration represents a viable route to prevent or alleviate influenza disease. "

The study found that the Keto diet provides protection against influenza virus infection in mice. "Harnessing the beneficial effects of KD through T cells may therefore offer a previously unrecognized potential pathway for prevention and treatment of influenza diseases," concluded Emily L. Goldberg.

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