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James Faulkner's "Boyfriend" wins praise, but his clarification causes a stir

Australian and international media initially reported on James Faulkner's homosexuality as fact.

Faulkner, however, later edited the caption of his Instagram post, adding "Best Friend !!!" between parentheses after the word "boyfriend".

The player also tweeted the photo and the same caption, but did not update his tweet to include the words "best friend".

"Happy birthday partner! Great courage," wrote Glenn Maxwell on Instagram

"Good on your partner. Have a lovely Jimmy birthday," Brett Lee said.

"Great comrade of courage, you will feel better," wrote Shain Tait, Australian player.

But as reaction to Faulkner's post gained momentum, he returned to social media saying "there seems to be a misunderstanding."

James Faulkner's clarification post was not well received by some fans.

"Yes, I do not think you're getting support from the LGBT community, buddy. We're not a joke. We struggle to be taken seriously (let alone legally recognized) for years." Gay lol "is very childish of an elite athlete wearing the national colors," commented Blakeerickson.

"Disappointing that you and your fellow cricket players can make a joke of what a fight is for many … The next time you post a joke try to make it funny and not an insult to a community. "wrote the Mexicans.

"It highlights how behind cricket Australia and the culture surrounding sports at the moment. It may have been a facet post, but there are a large number of men in sports who have been and continue to be banished and ridiculed for their sexual orientation. which, as a joke, is definitely not a hate crime, but it is in bad taste some media, which may lack credibility but have an impressionable audience breaking the headline "Australia's first openly gay cricket player", is a significant penalty was due to some guys having an internal joke. As someone in the eyes of the public and an example to the boys, you must take responsibility and also highlight the problems surrounding your sport and the problems faced by the LGBTQI community. as a post taken out of context, "said goodgrlmimi_.

"I can only say in response that I'm so happy and happy for you that the relationships and marriages we've been fighting for so long, and for so long, provide you with such a fun joke for your social media," Stephensander commented.

"You missed the rampant homophobia in the comments? I went to the post thinking" Shit, I do not know any professional cricketers in this hemisphere who are like me! " It was one of those moments when the feeling of otherness disappears. And then homophobia struck me. And then it was just a joke. Just kidding. Mate, I understood that it was an unintended consequence of a personal joke. But when you play it on a public platform, invite fanatics to express your disgust for sexual orientation that you do not even have? It's very painful for those of us who have to live with it every day, "Jackremiel wrote.

"Then why did not you write a best friend instead of a boyfriend?" Wrote Gregor.

"Why did you jest about it …?" Said reecey1988.

"It's a pity you think it's okay to mock GLBTIQ relationships.I've removed my" how. "Young people who are struggling with their sexuality may have had hope and support in their post.It's not a joke.You are the joke. Your mother must be so proud, "wrote thebassetthound_au.

"It's completely understandable that you did not intend to do any harm, but your post is an example of the sports culture that needs to be eradicated so that players can be authentically themselves." The post scoffed at any gay / bi athlete, mocking so the LGBTIQ community is 2019. Ignorance is no longer an excuse, "wrote gagagreene.

"The LGBTQ community continues to struggle with mental health, family, and so many other things," he said, "it's not something that's going to happen. to play with.I hope you have learned a valuable lesson from this great screw, "said lpfpod.

"I would not call it a misunderstanding. It was a bad joke," wrote laurenfarrell.

"You are an absolute cretin companion, taking the piss like that and now crawling back post tracking." It is no wonder that almost no professional athlete has the courage to leave. "Sexuality is never a laugh

Cricket Australia denied that Faulkner's post was a misguided attempt at humor, saying both the player and the organization acknowledged that going out would be "an incredibly emotional moment."

"The post was not in any way to minimize that and although community support was overwhelming and positive, Cricket Australia apologized for any unintentional offense," he said.

Faulkner played a test, 69 one-day matches and 24 Twenty20 to Australia, the last representing his country in late 2017.

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