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India vs Bangladesh Live Score, test 1, Day 2: India 188/3 at lunch, led by 38 races | Cricket news



Abu Jayed stole the show, removing Virat Kohli for a duck on the second ball, but Mayank Agarwal (91 *) remained solid while leading India to 188 for three at lunch on Day 2 of Indore's test. Resuming the 86/1 total overnight, Pujara and Mayank looked solid at first, but Jayed broke the 91-race position between the two scouts, removing Pujara soon after 23 years. Jayed got Virat's big wicket with the help of DRS to put India at a troubled spot. But Mayank and Ajinkya Rahane have set up an undefeated 69-race partnership to boost India. In the process, India also spent the first entries from Bangladesh in total. At halftime, India led 38 races in the first entries.

Luncheon Day 2: India 188/3, led by 38 runs
Mayank Agarwal 91 *
Abu Jayed 3/58

End of Day 54: A Maiden! Taijul Islam completes the final before lunch, while India enters the break with 188 runs on the board for the loss of three shutters.

End of 52nd End: A tidy of Taijul Islam. Just two of his singles. We are only 5 minutes from lunch on the 2nd and Mayank Agarwal is hitting 90. Will he work hard before the break?
IND 186/3

48.5 overs: FOUR! Gorgeous from Ajinkya Rahane. Marginally over-pitched Mehidy Hasan and Rahane leans forward, enters the field, and beats him beautifully through cover to collect his fifth limit.
IND 175/3

End of 48th: A maiden of Taijul Islam on the other side. Ajinkya Rahane and Mayank Agarwal now look cautious as lunch approaches.
IND 170/3

46.4 overs: Mayank Agarwal Review! Mehidy Hasan hits Agarwal's wedge and the referee immediately excludes him. Mayank is totally surprised by the decision and went to the review. Tracking the ball shows that the ball was completely missing from the leg stump. Erasmus Marais is totally wrong this time.
Mayank survives!

44.2 overs: SIX! India's first starters! Great time on this occasion of Mayank Agarwal. Mayank's footwork was also excellent there. He attacks Mehidy Hasan and places the ball in the long fence.
IND 164/3

150 for India!

Mayank Agarwal goes to town against Mehidy Hasan to collect his 12th border, while India also outpaces Bangladesh's first entries. They now lead for 2 races.

IND 152/3 after 41 overs

End of 39th end: A tidy Mehidy Hasan after the drink break. Just a few of his singles. Now rotate on both sides to Bangladesh, while Taijul Islam continues on the other side.
IND 148/3

End of day 38: Expensive start of Taijul Islam on day 2. Eight run from their first game. And now it's time for some drinks!

37.1 overs: FOUR! Taijul Islam starts with a full and juicy throw and Ajinkya Rahane hits the ball perfectly. I didn't try to hit hard, but I focused on positioning. Get a perfect tone between the covers and midfield.
IND 142/3

36.3 overs: FOUR! Fast delivery of Ebadat Hossain and Mayank Agarwal pulls him in style to collect his 11th limit. Mayank looked a lot more aggressive this morning compared to yesterday's shift. He moved to 62 of 114 balls.
IND 138/3

35.4 overs: FOUR! Ajinkya Rahane hits the front of the square and was in full control of it. Grab Abu Jayed's delivery through hedges to collect his third limit. Rahane quickly changed to 14 of 17 balls.
IND 134/3

End of 33rd: A maiden of Ebadat Hossain on the other side. Energy in the Bangladeshi countryside increased after two rapid shutters. Now they are looking to attack the scouts of India.
IND 119/3

31.5 overs: Review from Bangladesh! Abu Jayed arrests Virat Kohli, captain of India, in front. But the referee on the field does not rule out. Looked closely and Bangladesh went for the review. Ball tracking shows that it is hitting the top of the middle stumps and not overtaking.
Virat Kohli is OFF! A rare duck for him. It was the second ball. Bangladesh is trying to recover with Jayed leading the attack. He receives his third wicket.
IND 119/3

50 for Mayank Agarwal!

The fourth in the longest format. It gets there in style, just as it pushes Ebadat Hossain's short delivery through the middle of the wicket by four. Mayank now getting into the rhythm.

29.5 overs: OUT! And soon after reaching fifty, Cheteshwar Pujara hits Saif Hassan right in the gutter. A fun Pujara beat ends on day 54. Abu Jayed receives his second wicket of the match.

Four and 50 for Cheteshwar Pujara! His 23rd in the cricket test. This time the cut shot was more controlled and comfortably outperformed the deep spot player. Nine limits on Pujara entrances so far.

India 97/1 after 27.5 overs.

27.4 overs:
Give up! Cheteshwar Pujara cuts and cuts very hard. The ball flies off the bat and Mehedy Hasan in the ravine can only control his fingertips. The ball escapes to the third man's fence.

End of the 27th day: Neat for the first time in Ebadat Hossain. Just a single. Abu Jayed will share the ball with Hossain on the other side.
IND 87/1

26.3 overs: Mayank Agarwal makes the mark on day 2 with a comfortable single. Pushes Ebadat Hossain's delivery out and receives an immediate response from Cheteshwar Pujara on the other side.
IND 87/1

Cheteshwar Pujara and Mayank Agarwal are in the middle to resume entry from India on day 2. Ebadat Hossain will begin the process for Bangladesh. Agarwal on strike. Two slips and a ravine to Hossain.
Here we go!

Tuning Report, Day 2: "Today the wicket is the color of straw. I think it will be a very good field to debate. The sun beating on it has eaten and dried some of the grass. Some of the footprints will appear throw on day 3 more than today. These divots they are in places, but they are short, but only if you're a fast gamer can you land in those areas and get something out of it, said Sunil Gavaskar and Murali Kartik.

Pujara (43 *) and Mayank (37 *) looked good on the crease in the final session of day 1. The pair will now look to play cautiously in the first hour of the morning session of the second day and from there capitalize and place India. firm control of the test.

A day to remember!

8:20 Hello and welcome back. It is the second day of the first Indian-Bangladeshi test in Indore, and we at will re-present all live action updates and scores.

On one of the liveliest tracks of recent times, Bangladesh received 150 at 58.3 overs on opening day at Holkar Stadium, and India finished the day at 86 by 1 on 26 overs, losing Rohit Sharma's wicket (6) at process.

Umesh Yadav (2/47 at 14.3 overs), Ishant Sharma (2/20 at 12 overs) and Mohammed Shami (3/27 at 13 overs) made life difficult for visitors who humbly gave up after opting to hit before winning the tournament. draw.

Cheteshwar Pujara (43 *) took control of India's entrances with Mayank Agarwal (37 *) when the pair made 72 runs before the stumps.

Today, the hosts have a chance to stand the test and push Bangladesh further, putting a huge total of first entries on the board.

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