Google drops its tablet plans to focus on laptops


It's no secret that the Pixel Slate was not the most well received device from Google. While previous Chromebook reviews have been very positive, people were not sold in Chrome OS on a tablet. Google apparently decided to give up the tablets and focus on the form factor of the laptop for Chrome OS.

According to a report by the Computer world, Google was working on two smaller tablets, but earlier this week the company decided to abandon all work on them. A Google spokesman confirmed these details. To clarify, Google considers a tablet as a device that does not have a keyboard or can be detached from a keyboard. Does not include devices with rotating or rotating screens.

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The two smaller tablets were not very advanced in the development process, as they had not yet had codenames. We're not sure if they would run Android or Chrome OS. From now on, the focus will be on handheld devices. As for when we can see one of these new Chrome OS laptops, a Google spokesman said it is possible that the company will show a product of the Pixelbook before the end of the year. We expect the Pixel 4 / Pixel 4 XL later this year, which may be a good time to show something new.

The current owners of the Pixel Slate will still receive support and software updates by June 2024. From the outside looking in, nothing has really changed here. Google has just dumped tablets and gone all-in on laptops. As someone who uses Chrome OS on a device that can be converted to a tablet, I'd say that's a good idea. It is worth noting, however, that other OEMs are still more than welcome to create tablets with Chrome OS.

Rick Osterloh, Google's senior vice president of devices and services, confirmed the report in the tweet below.

Source: Computerworld

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