Five pilots for a flyer in 2019


We are in three rounds for the 2019 Formula 1 season, and some riders are already drawing attention.

These are the five drivers we selected as having the strongest start of 2019 and in no particular order, here we go …

Lando Norris

Lando Norris says McLaren took a few steps to move forward in 2019.

The 19-year-old British driver was promoted to a race spot by McLaren after finishing second in the Formula 2 championship last season.

He did not exactly define the series, staying behind the eventual champion George Russell and eventually just holding Alex Albon's efforts to steal point P2.

So, expectations were tempered somewhat for his debut season, but he is already delivering in a spectacular way. The first warning shot was triggered with his qualifying performance in Melbourne, before P6 in Bahrain followed.

If he had not been sent into space by Daniil Kvyat early in Shanghai, who knows where he might have come to McLaren was confident in his racing pace.

To say that he cleaned the floor with teammate Carlos Sainz would be unfair, had it not been for bad luck he would not have had anything.

A failure of MGU-K in Melbourne, the confrontation with Max Verstappen in Bahrain and The Torpedo in China.

When he finally gets a clean race, we'll see where Norris is against his partner in the race, but as for the pure pace, he's already doing the business.

Lewis Hamilton


While Ferrari has been busy shooting the team itself with team orders, Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas have done an equally fantastic job of capitalizing on race day.

The Scuderia is expected to dominate after the tests, but the Mercedes duo finished three consecutive times by 1 to 2 in so many races this season, the first team to do so since Williams in 1992.

Hamilton's victory, although fortunate in Bahrain, and the most impressive win in the 1000th Formula One race, led him to the top of the drivers' standings, six points above Bottas.

The Briton continues to show consistency that has led him to five World Championships, and the rest of the grid has a real job in hand to deny him a sixth place.

Valtteri Bottas

Valtteri Bottas: new season, new mentality

Nothing more than the man in the Lewis wing? Well, not based on the evidence so far this season.

After clinching a dominant win at the opening of the season, a quieter display in Bahrain made some say it was only a one-on-one display by the Finn.

But pole in China and the formation of another Mercedes 1-2 – Bottas had a solid start to the season and is proving in the early stages a very reliable driver. No real emotion, but it will put points on the board.

Last year, Bottas' season fell to ruin after the team ordered disorder in Russia, but actually was by a thread before that.

This time, by his own admission, this is one in the f **** given Bottas, the one who feels healthier than ever in his Formula 1 career.

This is a Bottas worth seeing.

Kimi Raikkonen

Kimi likes a drink ... or three in China

In 2019, we saw the real Kimi again, free of the Ferrari cuffs, he is back to his hectic, muttering but lovely self.

His love for a drink … or three remains as strong as ever away from the lane, but when it comes to action, the veteran is far from past.

Newcomer Antonio Giovinazzi's team-mate has not yet come close to the 2007 World Champion, and it's not because he's bad, it's that reaching Kimi's level is a difficult task for anyone.

China scored the first time Kimi did not reach the Q3 for Alfa Romeo, in fact his first time in 53 races, but his 100% points record ends when race time remains intact and he is the only rider in a very competitive midfield. you can shrug your shoulders carelessly about this particular feat.

Formula One is now "a hobby" in the words of "The Iceman," and he's doing a pretty bloody job of taking advantage of it.

Charles Leclerc

Charles Leclerc accepts Ferrari's explanation for team orders

If it were not for Ferrari and his pet Sebastian Vettel, Leclerc would probably be the closest challenger to the Mercedes now.

To say that he always defeated Seb in the rhythm would be unfair, but to combine with him, which means the Ferrari team orders, regularly to Leclerc's detriment, made the whole situation very frustrating.

The 21-year-old would have won in Bahrain if the disaster had not happened, but the way he dealt with adversity on the rails and in the media was impressive.

It's a long season and Leclerc's time will come, but he's already planted the seeds for a successful campaign.

Notable mentions

George Russell was a strong contender – after all, he finished ahead of seasoned teammate Robert Kubica in all but three sessions with a lamentable Williams car.

Max Verstappen has also received a shout, winning the first Honda podium since 2008 in Melbourne after finishing P3 in his Red Bull before arriving home with a respectable P4 in Bahrain and China. He showed much more consistency than teammate Pierre Gasly and is ahead of both Ferrari drivers in the World Championship standings.

Alex Albon is another young man who made a good impression, going from pit lane to P10 in China to follow up on other points in Bahrain. Not having turned a wheel in the modern Formula 1 machine before this campaign, he can be very proud of its beginning.

Jamie Woodhouse

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