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"Dedicated test centers look good, but five too small," Zaheer Khan – cricket


Former Indian left-back Zaheer Khan has endorsed Virat Kohli's idea of ​​having "strong" testing centers across the country to attract more fans to the stadium.

However, Zaheer considers that five, as discussed by Kohli, is a very small number considering India's size and that is why more of these locations can be considered to host a test match.

“(Strong Test Centers) This makes things easier. In theory, it looks good. But perhaps overall, the number can be debated. I feel five is too small for the size of the country, ”Zaheer told IANS on the sidelines of the Abu Dhabi T10 league.

"I am also aligned with this thinking process where you have dedicated test centers, and the criteria are met, keeping in mind what is best for test centers," he added.

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Test cricket is still popular in India, but somehow does not manifest itself in the number of people who actually show up to watch the stadium game. The series against South Africa, which India won 3-0, received little fan response, forcing Kohli to cheer for five test centers across the country.

However, Zaheer believes the test format remains the pinnacle of cricket and will not be affected by the advent and growing popularity of the shorter versions of the game.

"As I said before, I also don't think cricket testing is facing any problems with the advent of the shorter formats of the game. Test cricket is the highest and purest form of cricket, and has been going on since Every cricketer wants to play cricket and test matches are the highest level at which players have much to prove, ”said the 41-year-old.

"I think in the future you'll see a lot of tri-and quadrilateral ODI and T20 formats, which should be the way forward to keep the game more interesting for fans," he added.

"Daytime testing is a method of trying to make red-ball cricket more interesting," said Zaheer, a 92-season veteran, when asked about the Indian-Bangladeshi pink-ball test that will be held at Eden Gardens in London. November 22.

The former left-arm player also said he has high hopes for current BCCI president Sourav Ganguly to push Indian cricket forward.

“We all have high hopes for Sourav Ganguly. He did a great job leading the Indian team. Since then, he has not lost touch with cricket and has worked passionately for the growth of the game. He did a great job with CAB.

"Now he is the president of BCCI and I am sure he will do a great job of pushing Indian cricket forward," he added.

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