Chinmayi removed from the dubbing union


After being at the forefront of the #MeToo movement of the Tamil film industry, famous singer and voice actor Chinmayi Sripaada, who accused poet Vairamuthu of sexual harassment, said on Saturday that she was removed from South India's Cine and Television. Artistes Union without any suggestion.

In a series of posts on social networks, Chinmayi said the decision seems to have been made due to non-payment of subscription fees for two years. "I finished the dubbing union. Which means I can more dub in Tamil movies from now on. The stated reason is that I have not paid "subscription fees" for two years, although this has not prevented them from receiving 10% of my dubbing revenue, "she said.

Ms. Chinmayi, who sang almost all the songs in great success, 96and dubbed actor Trisha in the film, asked whether the removal would mean she would never dub a Tamil movie again. "According to Tamil Film Industry rules, if you are not a member of the dubbing syndicate, it will not allow you to work. Since no written message / communication has been sent to me for past debts, and with the membership canceled, I I asked if I would dub a movie again in Tamil, "she said, adding," I expected the first ax to come down from the dubbing union, I still do not know if I'll get my signature. "

The chairman of the dubbing union, Radha Ravi, was not found to comment on the matter.


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