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Bigg Boss 12 November 15 Highlights: Romil becomes captain, all house mates are appointed as punishment

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Romil becomes captain, all housemates are appointed as punishment

Bigg Boss November 12, 15 Highlights: Shivashish and Romil Chaudhary confront each other in the Captaincy task in today's episode, which will eventually result in a major fight in the house. On the other hand, Surbhi is upset with Deepak and Romil for playing with their emotions. In addition, Megha Dhade is injured that housemates make fun of their winning title. Who do you think will win the captaincy?

Here are all the LIVE updates of Bigg Boss 12:

22:05 Shivashish disobeys Bigg Boss and all his housemates are appointed as punishment.


22: 00- Shivashish, unable to hold more, leaves his seat resulting in Romil Chaudhary becoming the next Captain Fizz. Shivashish tries to console Sreesanth along with Dipika. Somi, Deepak, and Rohit blame Jasleen for yelling at them on the TRP task.

09:45 Sreesanth again locks himself in the bathroom and cries. Dipika and Sreishty try to console him. Dipika tries to fix things Sreesanth by trying to make him understand that everyone cares for Shivashish alike.

9.40 p.m. Sreesanth and Deepak lock horns. Sreesanth is upset with Karanvir that he is eating halwa when Shivashish and Romil are facing torture. He is more upset with Dipika that she made the sweet dish.

9:30 p.m. Bigg Boss gives another captaincy task to his house mates. In this task, Romil and Shivashish will sit in the garden seats and have to be seated until the end to become the next captain of Fizz. Housemates will try to make them rise from their place. Sreesanth supports Shivashish and prevents Deepak from torturing Shiv. Homemakers do everything they can to make their favorite competitor the next captain.

21:20 The captaincy's job begins. While Surbhi goes with Shivashish in the first round, Srishti supports Romil to entertain his roommates. On the other hand, the housemates fight on the remote control to change the channels. Srishty entertains as Megha and Dipika from the house. The fight results in a disaster, as the remote gets spoiled, just like the task. Looking at the behavior of his house mates, Bigg Boss decides to abandon the task.

9.10 p.m. Housemates wake up with Baar Baar Dekho's beats. On the one hand, Romil tries to keep Megha by her side for the captaincy, Surbhi declares that she will support Shiv. Jasleen also supports Shiv. On the other hand, Somi and Surbhi discuss how Romil and Deepak have changed to the game. When discussing about them, they start to blame each other and Somi leaves. It makes Surbhi cry and she starts yelling "I want to go home". Looking at Surbhi's behavior, Romil tells Jasleen that she's just playing now. Bigg Boss announces the captaincy task called TRP in which Shivashish and Romil will try to promote their show more than the other and the housemates will see their show.

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