Belinda Bencic shares how she spends her money


Belinda Bencic, 22, has already won $ 3.2 million from her cash prize tournaments. The Swiss player said: "It means a lot to me. It's great to make money through my passion and to have some freedom.

That means traveling, eating together or going on vacation. But I have many expenses, I live in a rented apartment in Monte Carlo. And I do not need luxury suitcases or suites in hotels. That's how I grew up. I prefer to save for my family and then for my children.

Sometimes I feel homesickness, but after a day at home I think, "It's so annoying, I want to leave." In his talent, Bencic added: "I've worked harder than the others. I do not have the best feeling of hitting the ball in the wild.

Even today, I have to practice more than others to feel good in court. I had direct success and was playing against big batters. And as I was successful, I was more in tournaments, as a teenager, my body could not handle, and even in the last months I have played a lot and now paid the price for it.

Now I try to plan my tournament schedule in a smarter way and listen more to my body during the training sessions. "Bencic played for the last time against Kristina Mladenovic in her loss in the second round of the Rome Open. She will open her French Open campaign against Jessika Ponchet.


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