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Ashfaq Ahmed crosses 600 race barrier with fourth ton of season


Umar Akmal marked his 41st half century of first class.

Umar Akmal marked his 41st half century of first class. © Getty

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa vs Southern Punjab

Ashfaq Ahmed's four hundred season helped Khyber Pakhtunkhwa gain maximum battle points against southern Punjab when he declared his entry in 417/5 on the penultimate day of his seventh round of the Quaid-e-Azam Trophy in Abbottabad. Umaid Asif was the most successful player in southern Punjab, with numbers from 3 to 142.

Ashfaq, who resumed the score from 81 overnight, joined Sami Aslam (683) and Imran Butt (673), surpassing the 600 race mark this season as his 143 allowed his team a substantial lead in response to 338 from the south of Punjab. now has the second highest number of races, with 675 races in nine rounds of seven matches.

Meanwhile, Southern Punjab finished the day with 15, unbeaten on second inning, still losing 79 more races.

Short Scores:The amount of shipping is calculated automatically by the Shipping Market. The delivery time varies according to the shipping method chosen and it is not our responsibility` since the delivery is the responsibility of the Post Office. (Ashfaq Ahmed 143, Rehan Afridi 84 *, Zohaib Khan 63 *; Umaid Asif 3-142) for 79 runs.

Northern vs Sindh

Northern strengthened their position against Sindh with a 255-race lead at the end of the third day of their match at the Quaid-e-Azam Trophy at Karachi National Stadium on Wednesday (November 13).

Fawad Alam recorded his 32nd first class out of a hundred, but Nauman Ali took 5 by 58, while Sindh lost his last five wickets in 28 races to 326, and thus gained an 82-fold lead in the first entries.

In response, Zeeshan Malik hit positively to give the North a solid start on his second rehearsal. Malik remained unbeaten in 96 of 131 balls by closing Day 3 at 173 by 2.

Short ScoresHowever, it is important to note that in case of withdrawal of the purchase of the product, the delivery time is up to 7 calendar days from the date of receipt of the product. Sadaf Hussain 2-50) for 255 runs.

Balochistan vs Central Punjab

Baluchistan remain aces in the Quaid-e-Azam game against Central Punjab, although the game is approaching a warm draw after more time was withdrawn due to lack of light in the third day's game. In its defense, Central Punjab offered stoic resistance with the baton, although it was held in the field for 124 overs of Baluchistan's early entrances and suffered a first-order swing.

Umar Akmal and Usman Salahuddin marked half a century when Central Punjab reached 255 by 6 in response to Baluchistan's 450. The pair sewed 124 positions for the fifth post after the first attacks gave Central Punjab a chance to try to force a frank defense. victory.

Umar Akmal threw 102 balls for his 78, his 41st in the first class, fifty, with 11 and four. Usman was unbeaten at the age of 74 when players left the field during the day and will be tasked with reducing the 195-race deficit on the last day of play. Mohammad Ashgar was chosen by Baluchistan players, choosing 3 out of 81.

Short Scores:Balochistan 450 leads Central Punjab 255/6 (Umar Akmal 78, Usman Salahuddin 74 *; Mohammad Asghar 3-81) for 195 runs

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