After losing his mother in car crash in Delhi, battles for 13 years for life | news from india


Chetanya Sardana, daughter of Poonam Sardana who died in the Punjabi Bagh car crash on Friday night, suffered critical injuries, his family said. The eyes and brain of the 13-year-old boy were seriously injured, his family said.

Sonia Sardana, Poonam's sister-in-law, said Chetanya had multiple fractures in her face. They said they donated Poonam's eyes when doctors told them that if Chetanya needed an eye, the donation would guarantee that they would receive an "eye on the priority." Chetanya was not fit to be operated on Saturday, they said.

"Broken pieces of glass punctured her eyes by severely damaging them … The doctors said she also developed air gaps in her brain and therefore can not receive anesthesia for surgery," said Sonia.

She added that Chetanya's eardrum was also damaged. "The doctors told us that she could develop more medical complications," she said. She said the doctors told them that it was not possible to preserve Poonam's eyes for more than two days and that there was no guarantee that Chetanya's condition could stabilize in that period.

On Friday night, the Sardana family meeting in Bhai Dooj turned into mourning when his car was hit by another car being driven by a woman under the influence of alcohol. They said they were on their way home from a temple in Chhatarpur, south of Delhi, when the accident happened.

Chetanya's father, Vimal, who was driving his car Mahindra Quanto, said he initially saw the wandering Maruti S-Cross car on the other side of the partition being driven hastily. Within two to four seconds, the car had jumped on its lane and hit them before it could react. "He just got up and collided with us. It was like leaving a movie, "said Vimal.

Poonam suffered injuries to his head and back, causing his death instantly, he said. Chetanya, a Class 8 student who was sitting by the right rear window, is fighting life at Fortis Hospital in Punjabi Bagh.

Abhishek Sardana, nephew of Vimal and Poonam, said that the locals and their relatives apprehended the woman who was driving the other car.

Police said appropriate measures had been taken and one case had already been filed under appropriate sections of the Indian Penal Code and the 22-year-old woman, Shivani Malik, who was allegedly driving the other car, was arrested. Deputy police commissioner (west) Monika Bhardwaj said that in addition to accusing Malik of sections such as driving hastily and negligently, causing negligent death, police also searched her for manslaughter that does not amount to murder. "We are investigating the matter diligently," said the DCP.

First published on: 11/11/2018 15:27 IST


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