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& # 39; Our judgment should not be taken into consideration & # 39 :: Supreme Court warns Center – india news


The Supreme Court on Friday rejected the Execution Board's appeal against the release of Congressional leader DK Shivakumar on bail, with a note that the way the federal agency was treating citizens was not right. "This was not the way to treat citizens," commented Judge RF Nariman before dismissing DE's appeal.

As the judges closed the case, the Center's second-most senior police officer, Tushar Mehta, made one last attempt to ask the court not to dismiss the appeal.

Judge Nariman responded with an acute warning.

“Please read our dissenting judgment in Sabarimala. Our judgments should not be interpreted. Tell your government that our judgments hold, ”Judge Nariman countered.

Also note that constitutional power should not be misused: DK Shivakumar in case of DE

Attorney General Tushar Mehta was surprised and assured the judges that "all Supreme Court sentences are taken seriously."

Judge Nariman was one of two judges who delivered a dissenting verdict on dozens of review petitions filed against the 2018 Sabarimala trial. Judges Nariman and DY Chandrachud, who had favored the rejection of revision petitions against women's entry into the temple, also sent a strong word to legislators and governments that they had a choice but to implement the orders. of the Supreme Court.

Judges Nariman and Chandrachud took a harsh view of the protests against the original trial and ordered the Kerala government to comply with the ruling. "Organized acts of resistance to prevent the implementation of this trial must be firmly repressed," the two judges said.

“After all, in India's attempted fate, we chose to marry the rule of law, as established by India's Constitution. Let us remind everyone that the "holy book" is the Constitution of India, and it is with this book in hand that the citizens of India march together as a nation, so that they can advance in every sphere of human endeavor to reach the goal. great goals set by this & # 39; Magna Carta & # 39; or Great Letter from India, ”said the two judges.

But much of that message seems to have been lost. The Kerala government, which had already taken special measures to ensure that women who wanted to go to the temple could still enter, signaled that the government would not encourage women to close the temple.

“It is appropriate to maintain the status quo in the temple. The government is in favor of peace, ”Temple Affairs Minister Kadakampally Surendran told reporters at a news conference in the state capital, Thiruvananthapuram.

DK Shivakumar, senior leader of the Karnataka Congress, was released last month on bail by the Delhi High Court in a money laundering case. The judge ruled out any chance that he could tamper with the evidence, pointing out that the 57-year-old legislator belonged to the opposition rather than to the ruling party. So far, the seven-time MLA Shivakumar had spent nearly two months in prison on money laundering charges.

Congress argued that the case against Shivakumar, which had its origins in income tax operations when he received the 2017 Gujarat legislators, was part of an elaborate exercise by both agencies to reach the senior leader.

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