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& # 39; Black hole fusion can be explained by the mechanism & # 39; Pac-Man type

NEW YORK: At first, the researchers created simulations explaining how the largest black hole merger may have occurred, showing that one may have devoured another "in a" Pac-Man "behavior."

Researchers, including those from the Rochester Institute of Technology in the United States, said disturbances in the space of 10 black hole mergers have been detected down to the gravitational waves of Earth observatories, but the origins of these mergers have yet to be explained.

The largest fusion of black holes observed to date has challenged earlier models as it had greater rotation and mass than the range considered possible, they said.

The current study, published in the journal Physical Review Letters, noted that these large mergers can occur outside the supermassive black holes in the center of active galaxies.

According to the researchers, gas, stars, dust and black holes can be caught in a region around supermassive black holes known as accumulation discs.

As black holes circulate in the accretion disc, they may eventually collide and merge to form a larger black hole, which may continue to devour smaller black holes, becoming larger and larger in "Pac-Man-like" behavior. ", according to study co – author Richard O & # 39; Shaughnessy, of the Rochester Institute of Technology.

"It offers a natural way of explaining binary rotations of high-rotation, high-rotation black holes and producing binaries in parts of the parameter space that other models can't fill. There is no way to get certain types of black holes out of these other forming channels. . "Said & # 39; Shaughnessy.

Researchers hope to find signatures of large rotating black holes that can help confirm their models as laboratories around the world continue to search for gravitational waves.

"This could be a unique way of investigating the physics surrounding these supermassive black holes in a way that could not be investigated in any other way," said O'Shaughnessy.

"It offers a unique insight into how the centers of galaxies grow, which is essential for understanding how galaxies grow, which explains most of the structure of the universe," he said.

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