2019 Supercup: Bengaluru FC vs Chennai City FC – how it happened


Welcome to Sportstar's live blog about the quarter-final clash of the 2019 Supercup between Indiana Super League winner Bengaluru FC and I-League champion Chennai City FC.

This is Shyam Vasudevan here and I'll be giving you company through the "Clash of Champions" this evening.

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What a fantastic football night we witnessed: two quality goals, a missed penalty and the elimination of the defending champion. Bengaluru FC gave everything they had, but the city of Chennai was better at night.

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90 + 2 & # 39; We're in the last two minutes of the game and it's getting tense here. Can the city of Chennai withstand or can defending champion Bengaluru score a goal?

90 & # 39; We're going to have four minutes of extra time. Long enough for Bengaluru to get a draw?

89 & # 39; Third and final move to the city of Chennai: Pravitto replaces Regin.

88 & # 39; SAVE! My word, Mauro is undoubtedly the hero of the game. Bheke makes a precise cross for Chhetri and the second takes, but Mauro makes a very low defense to deny him.

86 Late change for the city of Chennai: The scorer Gordillo is replaced by Jozef Kaplan.

80 & # 39; This is going to wire! The Bengaluru are launching in attack after the attack, while the defense of the city of Chennai is somehow holding back. Will we see a final goal coming?

76 & # 39; CHANCE! Dimas crosses the area and Boithang jumps high to try to deflect the ball but can not reach the ball.

75 & # 39; Not a good sign if you are Akbar Nawas. Sandro falls to the ground and appears to have suffered a calf injury. Update: he's back on the field and seems to be fine.

72 & # 39; Mauro is the hero again! He runs off the line to catch the ball before Boithang can reach it. Brave, courageous, saved from the guardian of the city of Chennai.

68 & # 39; What a fantastic rescue! Chhetri makes a great kick and Dimas gets a beautiful header but Mauro kicks in to defy gravity and sends it into a corner.

65 & # 39; CHHETRI BAGS THE PURPOSE! Dimas gives the corner and an unmarked Chhetri finds the bottom of the net to make the 2-1. What a way to make amends. The captain of Bengaluru passes unnoticed in the center and makes his header perfectly to reduce the deficit and offer his team a much needed ray of hope 25 minutes from the end.

62 & # 39; Cuadrat makes a double exchange: Khabra and Xisco are replaced by Boithang Haokip and Albert Serran.

59 & # 39; Temperaments, they are a flaring. The Bengaluru players clearly were not happy with the sudden change, but Chennai City's Regin is penalized for a foul on Dimas.

55 & # 39; WHAT IS A GOAAAAAAAAAAAAL! MANZI IS! Nestor plays with an exquisite touch to Pedro Manzi and the Spaniard strikes with a goal from Gurpreet Singh and Chennai City FC. This is Manzi's 25th goal of the season!

52 & # 39; HE IS MISSING! Mauro hits and turns to the right to stop Chhetri's shot. What a night he's having! Of course, it certainly has to be one of the biggest discussion points of the game.

52 & # 39; Penalty for Bengaluru! Romario pulls Chhetri's shirt on the team and the referee has awarded a penalty!

48 & # 39; Bengaluru FC start well but can not create a chance to score goals in the early stages of the second half.

It was 45 minutes of action and in the end, Chennai City has a 1-0 lead. Bengaluru dominated the session in terms of possession (53%) and kicks, but could not bother the goalkeeper. The city of Chennai, on the other hand, put up a resilient defensive display to keep the attack from Bengaluru at bay. The team only had a kick to goal, which was Nestor's goal in the 15th minute.

There is everything to play in the next 45 and, of course, Bengaluru will have all the guns on fire. A captivating half hopes!

45 + 2 & # 39; There goes the whistle of the range and it is the 15 minute strike of Nestor Gordillo that separates the two sides.

45 + 1 & # 39; Another Udanta cross that is begging to be converted, but again there is no one at the end of it! Bengaluru attack attacks continue …

45 & # 39; The fourth official announced two minutes of time off.

44 & # 39; What a chance! Nestor beats the offside trap and hangs to the goal. He makes a square for Manzi in the center, but the latter can not reach the ball. Nestor should have gone to the goal, eh?

40 & # 39; It is raining right crossings, but Bengaluru surprisingly struggled to convert anyone. Chhetri had a chance a minute ago, but Mauro made an impressive defense to deny him. Bengaluru looks a bit out of color in the finishing department.

35 & # 39; How is Khabra still on the field? This equipment should have sent him straight to the showers! He advances to the ball in an attempt to get past Mauro but ends up beating the keeper of the city of Chennai in the shin. It's a reckless challenge to say the least and could have easily left Mauro with a broken cinnamon! The referee gives him a yellow, but it looks like a red straight to me. Living on thin ice, it is Harmanjot Khabra.

30 & # 39; It's been a very interesting half-hour. Chennai City did very well to keep this powerful Bengaluru attack under control. Akbar Nawas's men were not the most effective at defense, but they managed to get the job done. Bengaluru, on the other hand, continues to attack by the flanks, but has struggled to find the much-desired final touch.

27 Early change to the city of Chennai: Ameerudeen was replaced by Alexander Romário.

25 & # 39; Wonderful Mauro! The keeper of the city of Chennai makes an excellent acrobatic defense to deny Miku's attack from afar.

23 & # 39; Another chance for Bengaluru! Udanta makes a vertiginous run on the right flank, skirts two defenders and crosses a cross over the goal he's begging to be converted, but there's no blue jersey at the end.

20 & # 39; How did you lose it?! Miku throws a superb lob and Xisco has the goal at his mercy, but he lights up his attempt just above the crossbar. This was undoubtedly Bengaluru's best chance so far, a chance you'd expect Xisco to bury at the bottom of the net on a given day.

17 & # 39; Here's a fun fact, Chennai City missed just one game after scoring the opening goal this season. Sign of what is to come?

15 & # 39; GOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAL! Nestor Gordillo puts the city of Chennai ahead! What a swing of the moment! Tarif Akhand throws a peach ball towards Nestor and the Spaniard does very well to control it and calmly passes Gurpreet to give to his side the initial advantage.

13 & # 39; What a chance for Sandro! Edited Vanspaul plays a beautiful lob in the center and Sandro is on goal but can not find the target. First real chance of the game.

11 & # 39; Burner of a race it, Nishu! Manzi releases Ameen on the right and Nishu absolutely wields the accelerator to get there before the CCFC striker. Top things!

10 & # 39; Bengaluru dominated the opening 10 minutes. Cuadrat's men added pressure on the Chennai city's defense with repeated raids on the third striker but have yet to register a shot on goal. Chennai City seems a bit nervous in the back but managed to ward off the time of danger and again.

7 & # 39; This will be a very interesting battle to expect: Udanta vs. Ajithkumar. The trick and rhythm of Udanta are well known, but Ajith is equally fast, remember!

5 & ​​# 39; The freekick is placed in the area and Chhetri plays for Juanan on the far post, but Gaurav Bora has a last header to send to corner. A powerful corner is fired and after much struggle, the CCFC defense manages to clear its lines.

4 & # 39; Ai! Sriram, who replaces Charles, takes a tough challenge at Udanta and Bengaluru wins a free kick. Sriram should consider himself lucky not to have entered the judge's book for that one!

2 & # 39; Off side! Khabra plays the Udanta on the right flank, but the Bengaluru end is offside. Lazy Udanta will be among the top players to watch tonight.

20:25: The two sides are on the field and we are just minutes from kick off! Can Bengaluru come any closer to defending the Supercup trophy or the city of Chennai staying in search of their second campaign title? Give your opinion here:

20:20: It is interesting to see that Bengaluru have named a squad unchanged since their ISL final where Rahul Bheke scored a goal in overtime. Chennai City brought Sriram B to the suspended Charles. On paper, the two teams look beautiful even for me!

20:17: Speaking of Eelco, he is among the top candidates for the coaching role of the Indian men's soccer team. Do you think the Dutch have everything to take Indian football to new heights? He will face strong competition from the likes of Albert Roca, Aslhey Westwood and Sam Allardyce though.

8:15 p.m. Although the lack of fans is a bit daunting, the game attracted the likes of some of ISL's coaches. Cesar Ferrando of Jamshedpur FC and Eelco Schattorie of NorthEast United.

20:10: We are 20 minutes from the starting kick and our reporter Aashin, who is at Kalinga Stadium, says the stadium is rather deserted. "Chennai City and Bengaluru players are going through their last stages before kick-off. Hardly any participation so far at Kalinga Stadium for what is supposed to be the highlight of the game. tournament." tournament, "he says.

20:05: At the same time, it will not be fair to also state how Bengaluru has been consistent. For the second consecutive season, Bengaluru led the ISL table and, unlike last year, won the coveted title this year. Now Carles Cuadrat has the chance to become the first coach to take the BFC to two titles in the same season. Can Carles get the distinction? I forgot to mention, Bengaluru is the current Supercup champion, ladies and gentlemen.

8:00 pm: We're exactly 30 minutes from the action! It is interesting to note that Chennai City enter this edition of the Supercopa with the I-League crown, but failed to reach the last 16 of last year! Akbar Nawas's men suffered a handsome 4-1 ATK in qualifying last year, and here they are tonight as champions of India. What I tell, huh?

19:35: Line ups, line ups!

Bengaluru FC: Gurpreet Singh (GK), Rahul Bheke, Juanan, Nishu Kumar, Harmanjot Khabra, Dimas Delgado, Xisco Hernandez, Alejandro Barrera, Miku, Sunil Chetri (C), Udanta Singh.

City of Chennai FC: Mauro Boerchio (GK), City of Chennai, Edwin Vanspaul, Ajithkumar, Gaurav Bora, Sandro Rodriguez, Sriram B, Nestor Gordillo, M Regin, Pedro Manzi (C), Ameerudeen Mohaideen.

19:25: Stats Attack – Bengaluru FC have played ten games in Odisha, having won eight of them in Federation Cup, Super League and Super Cup matches.

7:15 p.m. Will & # 39; Captain, Leader, Legend & # 39; Sunil Chhetri will have the last laugh or the magnificent Pedro Manzi will continue in his warm form to lead the CCFC to a win?

The draw promises to be a goal-fest as both sides ended up with a phenomenal number of goals in their respective leagues. Bengaluru FC scored 34 goals on the way to clinching their first ISL trophy, while Chennai City scored 48 goals in their winning campaign.

Another fact that adds seasoning to the game is that Chennai City have been the only team to beat Bengaluru at home this season. Yes, it was a friendly match before the league started, but it gives you a good idea of ​​how dangerous the CCFC outfit is.

Our reporter Aashin Prasad is at Kalinga Stadium covering the game and will be sending us updates live from the ground. Here is his preview:

Bengaluru FC champion, Chennai City in the quarterfinals

In September last year, Bengaluru FC and Chennai City faced each other in two pre-season friendlies. Bengaluru of the Indiana Superliga won the first game 5-0, while I-League Chennai City did the same 2-1. There was talk about the competitive nature of the formations in these games and which result had more merit.

Six months later, both teams are convincing winners of their respective leagues. In the first quarter-final clash of the Kalinga Stadium Super Cup in Bhubaneswar on Thursday, teams can play for the country's best team title.

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Bengaluru coach Carles Cuadrat recalled the September defeat, which led him to take note of Chennai's legendary Spanish trio – Pedro Manzi, Sandro Rodriguez and Nestor Gordillo. "I have to be honest, I saw the quality of the Spaniards and I was – I thought they know how to play the game and with the Indian players, they make a good team. Indian team to beat us in Kanteerava (this season). It was not an official match, but we know the danger they pose, "said Cuadrat.

Chennai City are the only team in their division to leave the competition after the Indian Arrows and Real Kashmir were eliminated in the round of round 16. Seven other I-League clubs have left the tournament because of their differences with the All India Football Federation (AIFF).

The I-League champion decided to play and defeated FC Pune City 4-2 in the last 16 days of last week.

– The attack of the city of Chennai against the defense of Bengaluru –

Forward Manzi was again at the center of Chennai City's feat of attacking with a hat-trick, his fifth place in the season with 24 goals and an assist for Rodriguez. Adding Gordillo to the dispute, who was voted the best I-League midfielder for the 2018-19 season, Bengaluru's defensive midfielder will be eliminated if he wants to extend his defense in the Super Cup title.

Bengaluru defender Rahul Bheke, who scored the final goal of the ISL final, looked confident in stopping the Chennai City attack. "They have some quality foreigners but if we play as a team it will not be that easy for them. We will stick to our plan of how we want to play, we will surely win this game," said Bheke.

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To Bheke's credit, Bengaluru knows how to close the teams; keeping seven clean sheets in 21 starts, while Chennai managed only twice.

Bengaluru's own striker Miku (5 goals), Sunil Chhetri (9) and Udanta (5) will be a handful for the inexperienced four players from Chennai City who still do not have Roberto Eslava.

Cuadrat praised the goal threat and the contribution of Miku and Manzi in the preparation game. "Both have had a marvelous season as attackers, not just with goals but with overall performance, making moves and creating chances for Chhetri and Udanta, Manzi is also that type of player who also helps others. teams plan to stop those players, "he said.

Facing the conditions

Bhubaneswar's wet conditions remain an important point and Thursday's game will be Bengaluru's first in the competition after being outclassed in their last-16 game.

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Chennai City boss Akbar Nawas, however, does not believe his team has an advantage over ISL. "We did not train the last two days because of the conditions – it would have been better if we had come back (to Coimbatore) and trained there," said Nawas.

(The match will start at 8:30 p.m. and will be broadcast live on Hotstar.)


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