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Fifteen Gadchiroli police officers and a private vehicle driver in which they were traveling were blown up when the Maoists provoked an IED explosion in Lendhri nullah near the Maharashtra-Chhattisgarh border on Wednesday afternoon in the worst attack on security forces in the region. 10 years.
The staff of the Kurkheda Police Department Rapid Response Team (QRT), 150 km from Nagpur, were headed to Dadapur village near Purada, where the Maoists set fire to dozens of vehicles from a Chhattisgarh-based road construction company earlier in the day. It happened.
That was a blow on Maharashtra's founding day because the incident seemed to be planned – sources said the IED may have been under the road for months – and came days after the extremists closed the "martyrs" week on April 28. of 40 cadres, many of them women, by the security forces on April 22-23 last year. In fact, they attacked two groups of C-60 commandos earlier this week in the Gondurwahi forest near Koti in the Etapalli district, but the commandos were able to escape from the ambush and killed Maoist commander Ramko Narote and another extremist woman.
Maharashtra police chief Subodh Jaiswal, speaking in Mumbai, promised a "proper" response to the "cowardly" attack, but appeared to rule out a flaw in intelligence. "That's not appropriate to say it was due to a flaw in intelligence. It's a sad incident … We're going to fight, let's face the Naxalitas. If more police personnel are needed, we will immediately position ourselves. "Governor Ch Vidyasagar Rao canceled a reception and cultural program scheduled for Maharashtra Day in Raj Bhavan.
CM Devendra Fadnavis also promised a reaction, tweeting, "The police will not lose their morale, in fact (they) will fight this threat with more force." But State Congress chief Ashok Chavan and PCN chief Sharad Pawar , asked the CM resigned, saying that he, as Interior Minister, had neglected law and order in the areas affected by the Naxalita of the state. On April 11, the electorate Gadchiroli-Chimur recorded the highest state vote in the LS elections, ignoring a call for a boycott by the Maoists.

The fire and the subsequent blast on Wednesday are believed to be the work of the Maoists of Company 4, the Kurkheda-Korchi-Khobramenda dalamas and Tippagarh and other formations under the northern division of Gadchiroli. After setting fire to the vehicles of the road construction company, the Maoists seemed to have been waiting for the police. A train of three vehicles sailed from Kurkheda to Dadapur, about 40 km away, and the first two vehicles, carrying among others the subdivision police, cleared the place. The third vehicle, a private MUV carrying the cops, was blown up.
Sources said police made a big mistake traveling together in a vehicle during such a sensitive period. Also, if they had followed the standard operating procedure of using a roadside walk party to scan the roads, the Naxalite that had to trigger the IED could have been frustrated. But they pointed out that police may never expect IED to be planted on a road used by large numbers of residents.
Interestingly, the Maoists placed posters in the village of Dadapur and district-wide condemning the BJP governments in the Center and state, MP Narendra Modi, CM Fadnavis, minister of district guard Ambrishrao Atram and the "Ambani Group" for devastating natural resources of the district in the name of development.
DIG (Naxal band) Ankush Shinde said that a survey will be conducted. "Let's assess the situation," he said. Until the report was presented, the police were in the process of transferring the bodies to Gadchiroli for post-mortem.
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