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Your neighbor saved a pregnant woman from the burning house in Pécs

A house in Vasason, one of the outer parts of Pécs, was lit. The woman who lived in the house escaped from the burning building while her pregnant daughter was saved by one of the burning neighbors of the house.

According to RTL News, the neighbors heard a big explosion when they went to see what had happened, they saw smoke coming out of the windows of the house. They alarmed the firemen and tried to extinguish the fire with garden hoses.

After placing the pregnant woman safely, the next man returned to the burning building to bring the gas bottles left in the house to prevent them from exploding.

There was another half meter below, where there was no smoke. I hit four. I took the gas bottle, closed it, removed it, cut the hose and took it out of the house

The man said.

When the firemen arrived, the fire spread to every room. The police and the firefighters who arrived at the site sent everyone away to see if the hot gas cylinders exploded. Firefighters refrigerated bottles with water to prevent explosions.

The cause of the fire can not be known with certainty. Neighbors thought the TV could explode. The house was completely uninhabitable. The fire burned the refrigerator and the washing machine melted. The two women received temporary accommodation. The inhabitants of the house were not injured, but two of their pets, a dog and a cat lived in the fire.

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