World Cup wins the Hungarian Relay in Calgary –


Two gold medals were won on Sunday at the Calgary World Cup by Hungarian short skater skaters. In addition, our Olympic champion shifter reached a new world record, while Liu Shaoang did not find an attacker to 1000 meters.

World recorder named after Liu Shaolin marked with Liu Shaolin in gold medal in Calgary (Photo: AFP, archive)

Veteran Liu broke through to the finals and the semifinals, and in the finals, he was virtually an early victory, after almost immediately reaching the lead after the start and no longer having his first place.

Csaba Burján, Krueger Cole, Liu Shaoang, Liu Shaolin Sándor, Alex Varnyú (the latter in the semi-finals), the 5000m Olympic Champion in the semi-finals reached the finals only by court decision because the Chinese were wrong with ours.

However, if they arrived, they did not receive the first place below. But Csaba Burján had fallen once, but luckily he was still able to change at night, and the others quickly returned. Then the great Canadian riders left, so our men were second behind the Dutch, and when Liu Shaolin went to the helm in command, this time he was ahead of his rival, and was the first at the end, 6: 28.625 with a new world record.

From our Saturday, Liu Shaoang scored silver to 500 meters of silver, Liu Shaolin the same day on Sunday. In the last race, Burjani finished third in the third round and finished seventh.

Petra Jászapáti was only interested in this at the time, but this time 500 meters away, but the quarterfinals made him the 11th place, so he could not repeat Saturday's result by finishing fifth in the final.

Varnyú, Burján, Jászapáti, Sára Lucá Bácskai included the Hungarians, but were eliminated because of irregularities and were placed in eighth place.


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