Weather forecast for Saturday – Can we expect sun on Saturday?


Until Saturday, the climate of the Carpathian Basin is formed by an anticyclone, and some degrees of cooler air flow to the region from the northeast.

Weather forecast for Saturday

Weather forecast for Saturday – Source:

On Saturday there is a lot of sunshine we can expect, but clouds may occasionally increase in the southern part of the country. There will be no rain. O northeast wind larger area pick up, sometimes east of the Danube will be strengthened.

The lowest night temperature is between +1 and -6 degrees. The highest daily temperature on Saturday is between 5 and 10 degrees.

medical meteorology

Cold shifts can be particularly vulnerable. They may increase the body's ability to swell, epileptic seizures may occur, coronary artery pain may occur.
Thrombosis may be more frequent due to increased blood coagulation. Allergic diseases or symptoms are more acute. Asthma attacks can occur. Rheumatic and joint pain can be increased. The reaction time may be longer.


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