We do not laugh, we want to be champions first.


Ferencvros leads the Hungarian charity championship with confidence by beating MOL Vidit 9th in the OTP Bank League 29 on Saturday night. At zrmeccs, the zld-wehr brothers made the championship. Hungarian runners threw cheerfully and sellers cheated the slogan.

"It was important to have a quick advantage, but unfortunately we had better go back, and Vidi used that. We played a very good game." I'm happy to have helped the team with this important success " – the first author of the ferencvros glg, NguenTokmac. According to the Norwegians, they now have many clashes, but the FTC championship also does not appear to be mathematically safe.

"There will be a maximum concentration on htralv games, but the team that has such a trick on mgtags has no problem. Our fans created an atmosphere all night tonight, I never lost a great mood on the move, because of them too, because the drukkers were shocked. "

According to Roland Juhsz (23), team captain Vidi, this was the time when mrkPhoto: Mudra Lszl – Origo

According to Roland Juhsz Roland's team captain, Anel Hadzic killed everything.

"Red card dnten mrkzst mrkzst, because we did not start jl, htrnybl will return, and the first flid the second time we mastered talc, we did not know what to start with our aggressive letmadsa our home. but unfortunately, unlike the games of the cup, the Pontrgsok left with Fradi, a ghetto and a free-rider took a jr driver and then encouraged the victory. I'm revenge for the fourth gl, but I'm a little shy about the team. We all got upset, but the mansion against the Ferencvros level team picks things up. "

Mathematics is the same as Vidi for the championship, but from now on, the winner of the Hungarian Cup has become a top priority in Szkesfehrvron.

"The team goes to vgsk, but we would never have the situation if we had won, and it was more difficult. Naturally, we would like to win the cup, we do not have much time to bother you, because on Tuesday we will be back against Debrecen. But we also want to win the htralv kittens because this season can be a big deal. "

Ferencvros kznsge has created a sensational atmosphere for this inventoryPhoto: Mudra Lszl – Origo

In the Ferencvros field, Ihor Haratin was the first breeder. "It's very rumk that you have the first glom, but victory is more than that, because we all know what that success means. I do not want to wear this mask that I wear because of my nose, but if I have to put it on the gate, I will always wear it.

István Kovcs did not have many domestic drukers in Kr. "Risi was honored if they mentioned Huszti Szabolccs on a page, and Ferencvros kznsge dealt a lot with us.But we know that this is also a vllfell, and those who are just eminent do not have sure to get this, en rlk if I do not pay you "

The fjrvri jtkos vlemnyet only agreed with Rolandd Juhsz, he said that not only were the murders disconcerted.

According to István Kovcs (10), they received glaciers in the spotlightPhoto: Mudra Lszl – Origo

"Against the red card, the flid tightened our ranks with the professional team, and they started the second flid, we possessed the ball, we were able to play, and it was difficult to play against the Fradi, we have glokat in mgs pontrgsok, which could have been avoided, it has not gone that far. I am grateful to Ferencvros jtkos, you have been a pro. "

"My job is to have a glimpse, but the two are very important to me because of the great," said Davide Lanzafame, then continued. "I can do many of my scams, they always lie by my side, and I broke my overload and my lips so I play with you if I bet. Luckily, those were very mysterious moments. "

On the right side of Fradi, Gerg Lovrencsics is running a lot too.

"We started deliberately with such force, we go to Vid's side, but it was not too early to get back to the lead. In ours, we touched our cheese and smoked it. We just played the season with fehrvriak, but we never won, but now the most important thing to do is win the wrong series. "

Gerg Lovrencsics does not want to worry, Mr. Kispest would have a golden smile with FradPhoto: Mudra Lszl – Origo

krds rdekes may not be able to beat Fradi at home in Honvard and bring champion champion to Vidi so that we can have championship championship against jivest si rivlis jpest in Groupama Arn.

"I've heard those sounds before Mr. Match, but we can not deal with any of this, what should be the point of this chord for eg. Kispestre is traveling with jv hten to win the championship! "


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