Virtual Notre-Dame can be traversed for free


One of Europe's most distinguished and perhaps most important cultural monuments, Notre-Dame, was lit on Monday night. The iconic big church of Paris burned with a huge flame in the middle of the city, followed by thousands of tourists and Parisians filming the temple hussars tower, which was warm and simply fell. One day after the tragedy, a lot of money was raised to rebuild Notre-Dame.

Almost a billion dollars, or three hundred billion forints.

Just to illustrate: last year, Budapest's total budget revenue was HUF 254 billion, and its spending was slightly lower than HUF 380 billion.

We have also previously written that the historian of art and modeling of Dr. Andrew Tallon, who died in 2018, produced a highly detailed 3D model of the cathedral with the help of laser scanning technology. But on the other hand, you can get help with the renewal, from a video game: Ubisoft 2014 Assassins's Creed: Unity modelers of games in which the cathedral can be traversed. Of course, you still do not know for sure if the architects are really in demand, but the opportunity is given.

However, it is certain that Ubisoft is expanding its support line for rebuilding. On the website of the French publisher of games development, he announced that he would contribute € 500,000 (approximately € 158 million) for reconstruction.

In addition, they make available for free for a week Assassins's Creed: Unityfor PC gamers that anyone can download from here or from the Ubisoft Store.

Video games make it possible to discover places that we could not have imagined before. We hope that with this small gesture, we give everyone the opportunity to walk through the monumental virtual cube of architecture.

– Read on Ubisoft.

On Tuesday night, we saw more clearly how much damage there was, and some could breathe a little, because it was serious, but far from believable in the first pictures. Most of the roof structure was burned down, the hussar tower collapsed, but the vaulted ceiling was less damaged and the structure could be saved. Most artifacts and artifacts were defeated, but there were paintings and windows that were destroyed.


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