Saturday , October 23 2021

Vettel was punished by punishment, while Hamilton's victory over the FIA ​​and Renault was good past


If we look at the table showing the end result of the weekend race, we could believe that nothing special was happening, Lewis Hamilton won again. But the British and his team had tough times ahead of the race, not to mention the fact that they were not the first to finish the race at the end of the race.

According to the German newspaper, the hydraulic system was thrown at Mercedes, and while the experts discussed a five-second penalty for Sebastian Vettel, Mercedes engineers were excited for hours to see if the replacement of the hydraulic system would result.

Mercedes had to replace the Canadian Grand Prix in the morning with a car number 44, Lewis at Hamilton, and consequently had to submit two documents to the FIA, a detailed description of the replaced part and the other, and both. they must comply with the regulations, ie they had to combine the two devices.

According to Auto Motor und Sport, if any problems had occurred prior to the race, Hamilton would only have been able to start the match if it eventually disqualified the title guard in Montreal. Mercedes had to wait for hours for the decision, the decision was taken at 18:44 local time. Accordingly, the hydraulic system changed in the Mercedes engine is in accordance with the rules, but of course nothing is so simple.

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In fact, not all elements of the embedded specification were the same as those that were placed. At the same time, FIA experts should have proven that the new element works differently from the original, but that was not possible. And the latter is important because, in the absence of evidence, the new system had to be adopted.

And that was not the end of the excitement of Mercedes, when Renault detected another controversial case. Hamilton informed his team in the lead circuit that one of the starting systems was activated and that he disengaged the clutch to prevent the shutdown if it fell below a certain speed. The Brits asked the radio twice if everything was all right and that was the answer.

According to Renault's managing director, Alan Permane, this conversation was illegal because it violates the regulations of the driver's circle, which, according to the technical guidelines of 2017, forbids the engineers to give certain instructions, and the French said that that was the case.

However, Renault left the case in the case where it would have been reported that Hamilton would have been threatened with a time penalty, as Nico Rosberget at Silverstone in 2016, where engineers drew German attention to the failure of the gearbox, which received a penalty of 10 seconds.

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