Vervisch won, Michelisz and Tarquini reset their second race


Gabriele Tarquini was in trouble before the final race of the final of the Makkói seasons of the World Touring World Cup (WTCR). The favorite champion rushed to a start-up and quickly gave up the second race, which Frédéric Vervisch won after taking the lead in Timo Sheideri from pole position in the fourth round. Yvan Muller was third in the final, so before the third race he was only 18 points behind the points gap against Tarquin.

Vervisch also won the Audi race in the second race (Photo: WTCR)

The title of the championship two of them were left out of the odds of seven for the second race. It is the composite leader Gabriele Tarquinini is only prevented by Yvan Muller the first WTCR championship trophy in the two remaining races of the season.

This is the first one anyway. Timo Scheider could leave pole position. The WTCR's only fourth driver of the weekend finished tenth in first qualifying, which was the starting point for the second race of the inverted racing grid.

The beginning was good for the double DTM champion, but this Frédéric Vervish could have said to himself: who toppled Kevin Ceccon from second place. Immediately on the first round it seemed that the red flag should be waved. Pepe Oriola shot Yann Ehrlacher, of which – not surprisingly – in Macao, there was a mass incident. The interruption was eventually lost, in fact, the safety car did not drive.

Only the top four players at the start of the field were Scheider, Vervisch, Ceccon and Yvan Muller, while others The car of Norbert Tarquini and Michelisz was also heavily damaged, This was a big problem for the first time. The two BRC Racing riders left the second race so quickly.

In the third round, Vervisch attacked Scheider and Muller wanted to embark on Ceccon. One shift later Vervisch took the lead but Muller also managed to reach third place.

In the fifth round Muller had already crushed Scheider, The Honda rider, however, fought hard against his opponent Hyundaios. Two laps later Aurélien Panis found the wall slightly but the sports supervisors did not intervene again.

Muller attacked Scheider for second place to the last few yards, but he had to be satisfied with third place. The race was won by Vervisch, Tarquini and Michelisz did not finish.

He was in the top ten on the podium Ceccon, Warriors, Ehrlacher, Bennani, Berthon, Ferrara and Panis. Zsolt Szabó in 22nd place saw the checkered flag, while Norbert Nagy before the last round, he went to the pitstop.

The third place of Muller and Zero rescheduling Tarquini took a big step to compile the tie of 33 points. Just before the last race You need to have more than 18 units, as an Italian opponent.

continuation At 4 o'clock in the third race!


1. Frédéric Vervisch (Belgian, Audi)
2. Timo Scheider (German, Honda)
3. Yvan Muller (French, Hyundai)
4. Kevin Ceccon (Italian, Alfa Romeo)
5. Esteban Guerrieri (Argentine, Honda)

22. Zsolt Szabó (Hungarian, Cupra)
23. Norbert Nagy (Hungarian, Cupra)

Norbert Michelisz (Hungarian, Hyundai) did not finish

The vk group after 29 races: 1. Gabriele Tarquini (Italian, Hyundai) 305 points, 2. Muller (French, Hyundai) 287, 3. Vernay (Belgian, Audi) 245, 4. Björk (Swedish, Hyundai) 238, 5. Guerrieri 237, 6. Oriola (Spanish, Cupra) 235, 7. Vervisch (Belgian, Audi) 228, 8. Norbert Michelisz (English, Hyundai) 227 … 20. Big D. (Hungarian, Hyundai) 36, … 24. Large N. (Hungarian, Cupra) 18, … 29. Szabó Zs. (Hungarian, Cupra) 4


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