Velvet – Rubber Sugar – Jennifer Lopez's bikini photo is so hot that people can barely get enough


Recently, Jennifer Lopez was recently filmed with her ex-fiancee with a former playmate. For now, this story has no serious consequences, but is still brilliant with Alex Rodriguez. No public fault. In fact, there is no news about the party in question.

There is news, however, that Jennifer Lopez has a thick abdominal pain. He shared a bikini photo that Lenny Kravitz could only write about "Boom! This is". Indeed! Naomi Campbell also voiced her flaming emoji with her flaming emoji. Women & # 39; s Health magazine did the same.

Lopez's form is fine anyway, but now it looks better than usual for a role. In the movie Hustlers, he will make a former stripper dancer who, along with several of his colleagues, will start collecting with his former Wall Street clients.


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