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Ultrasonic sealant has been designed


When Sharp's Hungarian representative contacted us that there is an editor who looks like a pencil and uses ultrasound to remove the stain from his clothing, they thought he would be crap.

But it turned out that vresen thinks seriously about it, S TNYLEG has a tick that does papron to do this. It was simply not to be missed, we had to get out of things, if that was okay! Let's get the Sharp UW-A1, let's see if the "ultrasonic mosgp" or the giggle of the risi are running out!

As a parfm

The first appearance of the machine looks like a thicker aluminum or deodorant, 17 inches high, 4 inches wide, long lasting. However, when the limit is removed, it will immediately record that there is something msrl.

The head specilis twists the ultrasoundForr: Origo

Where the head should be, something strange can happen. And there's a power button and a microUSB connector, and the cosmetics industry is definitely looking for incredible innovations, so there's no way to put perfumes on them. The Sharp UW-A1 comes out, and the curly lips can be seen as a book. In the box, the device is equipped with a USB port for recharging the battery, a usable passenger and a small cr box, which hides a prncsk.


If a ruhn or any material, textlin blotch drops, this is the miracle thing. To use it, you need to cushion the dirt, which is the easiest way to keep the pin down. If it is not possible to do this, because the dress is in us, and we can not go to the public place, then ln sznle the prncska mentioned above. This is what you need to bring so that the flow can get to the dirty mud. They just have to pick up the "pencil", turn it on, and shake their heads to the crowd, and then go crawling with it.
The fm head emits an ultrasound of 38,000 microns per second, which, in principle, can be absorbed by the chemicals, releasing the dirt in the mud.

Well, the biggest surprise is the thing!

Okay, a nagysg tvenforint is suppressed for 2-3 minutes. With a complete piece of clothing that can not be swept this way, because the man puts it, and the accumulator is just a flip. and it is also true that vgeredmny will not be erratic, since gp works with 90 six whites. That is, you can not completely remove dirt, but it is also a pity that instead of a sloppy and ugly patch, you might get lost in ruhnko. And it can save you money if you can find yourself at work, at a snack, before shopping, or at a dinner party.

Suitable for small dotsForr: Origo

At first, we were skeptical and skeptical, but we had to make sure the Sharp UW-A1 was a device. It is almost absurd to disgust the nasty and unpleasant dirt that ruht does not need to be washed. It is important to note that the ultrasonic head can cause soft rhythms because children keep it away, but do not threaten to use it. It is true that everyone can come up with such a thing, that they may often have to show up somewhere, or work in an office, and there is no way to go home under the sun at night, a clean smile if your clothes are views.

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