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Trine 4: The Prince's Nightmare – A Franchise Awakening Nightmare Review / Test

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Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince

At the end of the third episode, the series finally seemed to explode, but Frozenbyte thought otherwise.

2019/12/10. 22:34 | of GeryG | Tour / Test

There are series that always go to tutu like FIFA or Call of duty. Then there are the series where sometimes they try to bring something new to the formula, like resident Evil. And then there's the series whose developers got a good idea, made it a great game, and tried to create a new episode over and over. However, this does not distinguish much from the first category; At most, there are no sequels to the sequence. Such trino also. The series so far existed as a trilogy, but the fourth installment has just arrived.

Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince - The franchise woke up from the nightmare

After the failure of Part Three, the big word is that Frozenbyte gave the franchise another chance. And really, it's not such a big word. You know, the third installment wouldn't have been a big deal, just the guys taking responsibility and the money in their pockets. And it sold out prematurely, and the game was really (mainly in terms of content) stuck in a semi-finished state. Many fans have experienced Trine 3 as a big disappointment, and it's been a long time question if Amadeus, Pontius and Zoya can return. This spring, he just announced that Frozenbyte is making a Trine 4: The Nightmare Princeand we were prepared for the fall premiere with mixed fears.

The protagonists of our story, of course, remain unchanged: we can now hide in the character of knight, wizard and thief, alone or in cooperative mode. Amadeus, the slightly fierce, shy but talented wizard, Pontius, the kindergarten-like but fearless knight, and Zoya, the thief who always has a boldness to comment. We love them from the first part and they are not disappointed now. The story is no longer about the power that unites the three friends (the titular magic trine). There is also a Magician Training Academy. There is also a certain prince studying here, whose soul is bound not to venture into a certain volume of magic, despite the curiosity of all novices. If he had taken precautions, I would have finished my report now, but of course curiosity had overcome, carelessness had arisen, and trouble had arisen. For the book unleashed a dark force in the world that enveloped the wise prince and turned his nightmares into reality. When the prince fled, the academy asked the three experienced adventurers to look for him and take him home.

Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince - The franchise woke up from the nightmare

The Trine 4 is based on familiar gameplay, so we can now control our heroes in side view. Now all three are distinct, and we need to solve these various logic puzzles using their unique skills. Amadeus can summon boxes, rising to reach higher areas. But he can move objects at will so that we can operate switches or stack various boxes or other reference points. Later you will be able to summon spheres that are much tougher than the box and gain several extra abilities (like the others, but a paragraph below). Pontius goes nowhere without his sword and shield. The former is used to cut occasional nightmares, but it can break boxes and cut ropes. Not only does it protect you from attacks, but it also reflects the rays of light upon which thousands of puzzles are built. Not only does Zoya use his bow, he can not only attack, but can also pull a rope between the handles. This allows dragging or locking objects. But even on a taut rope we can balance ourselves.

The three heroes can collect magic potions all the way, and sometimes in hidden rooms we find more behind the slightly more complex puzzles. These are the basis for character development. The development system seems a bit complicated, or I just didn't understand it at first. The bottom line is that although XP is being collected, new skills can only be unlocked at certain times or stages. In addition, each of the three heroes has special unique abilities that can be unlocked for a different development point, but they have not been resolved by what the game divides. However, these abilities (such as Pontius' flaming sword) can also be returned if one of the other two characters is more suited to the points you receive, more suited to a particular puzzle or situation.

Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince - The franchise woke up from the nightmare

Fortunately, most puzzles can be solved with the basic knowledge set, and when it gets to a more demanding stage, the game unlocks the necessary skills. Otherwise, the puzzles vary pleasantly, and the simple ones are solved almost immediately and can be solved. But there are some that I have to think about more and others that I really got stuck in for a long time and only managed to fix it (probably by accident) in the fourth or fifth race. Sometimes we have to work with mirrors and teleportation gates where we have to bring the beam to a certain point by refraction. Elsewhere, the goal is to activate the default gate opener or reach the high point; Again elsewhere, we need to direct the water jet to a suitable paddle wheel.

The Trine 4 It is not a bad game. As in previous sections, it has a fabulous charm that instantly absorbs responsive players. I am so, but it would be professional blindness not to notice that the fabulous scenery here, the colorful achievement there, could have been more polished to the creators. I've talked a lot about games a long time ago, but that's still the case: if we just sit back and dive into the game, it's beautiful. However, if we approach the monitor and begin to examine the details, the disadvantages will arise. But fortunately, nothing really serious to think about, the overall effect will take too much of the game. Physics is fine too, and the series is doing well from the beginning. And voices, well, have always been one of the franchise's greatest strengths. The narrator is still brilliant, but the actors who play his hero and other characters bring what they need.

Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince - The franchise woke up from the nightmare

Trine 3 was a big disappointment to many, but I feel that Trine 4was able to clear the abyss. A pleasantly long (and done …) game that offers a variety of puzzles, interrupted by a small fight here and there to avoid monotony. By the way, they were never outdone in previous episodes, but now maybe even fewer of them are available. Interestingly, during battles, Amadeus was often more effective than Pontius, for Amadeus had only to summon a crate and simply throw it at the head of the dying enemy (except the strongest). On the other hand, Pontus has to cut them with our sword for a long time. Anyway, this is just an interesting little thing, the game still (or together with it) went very well. And then I didn't even mention the cooperative mode, which just makes the experience even better as long as we meet at least two playmates in our circle of friends. ■


Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince

Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince

  • Typical Trine Humor
  • Looks like they really wanted to relive the show after the third abandoned episode
  • Interesting, often quite difficult puzzles


  • Although the visuals are still fabulous, there was still room for fine art.
Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince

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