Thursday , May 13 2021

Totalcar – Magazine – You Can Completely Attract Seat to Cup

The goal is to create a premium brand from the VW division of Spain and it seems that the company's management would sacrifice the name Seat.

We had heard earlier about plans to separate Volkswagen's Skoda and Seat brands, which currently offer almost the same thing in a slightly different style. Skoda would assume the role of mass brand within the company with more affordable models, and I would like to position Seat upwards.

So far, we have not had a very accurate idea about this. Earlier, Herbert Diess, the group's boss, said Seat's best chance of survival is to position it above Volkswagen and emphasize its emotional and Latin character. But Seat's past in some markets is more of an obstacle than an advantage, according to Luca de Meo, head of the Spanish division – the Cupra brand can solve this.

Cupra officially became an independent brand in 2018, previously used as a model for the faster and sportier seat models. So far, there is only one stand-alone brand marketed under the name Cupra Ateca, but sales so far are encouraging. That is why, according to British Autocar, it is possible that use of the Seat name and brand will be completely discontinued within a few years and, after a complete change in supply, today's Seat successors will be marketed as Cupra. .

There was also the possibility that the new brand could also be the basis of international expansion: it could be launched in North America, where Seattle had never been tried before.

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