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Stinger has been in the profession for two years. A five-door coupe with a backward-turning mechanism "That's not what many people are doing, it's no wonder he has lifted Kia's image.". The Americans, however, like us even better, so the Koreans made a gesture for them now that they will spread all 800 limited edition pieces of the GTS.

Kia's Stinger GTS was played in the US audience by the now-new New York Motor Show, which is also aimed at candidates who like to travel. The main element of the sports version is a new automatic closing mechanical dive. With Comfort's soft mode, sixty percent of torque returns, eighty percent in Sport mode, and Diff and Drift lock in Drift mode, providing the 3.3-liter V6 at 370 hp and 510 Nm. And what's even more important for a car with automatic gears: the GTS keeps the equipment in the GTS and does not drown in replacing the rubber burn.

In addition to the new difin, there is a solid optical package for the GTS. The elements around the hood, the air intakes and the mirror cases have turned into carbon fiber, and a small Alcantara coating and black leather peel off the line. Yes, and this orange is yours, there is no way to get the GTS in other colors.


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