Totalcar – Magazine – This is the new Alfa sports car


Fiat's plans for last summer's summer showed that they were working on the successor to GTV, but they had very little to say.

gtv sk

It was so certain that it was built on the Giorgio platform, if Giulia and Stelvio, a torque vector, had four-wheel drive and a 600-horsepower engine or engine, but from the outline of the factory it appeared to be a BMW M4. The photo of the Italian Alfa Club shows a bit more, especially on the back of the car.

According to this, in the style of the car, it is much more like BMW 8 than the M4: judging by the size of the passenger compartment, this can be a 2 + 2-seat model where the two rear seats will be quite spacious for children at most . At the same time, the effort is made to make the shape memorable, not just another two-door, which can be mixed with the models of the German competitor.

According to rumors, the same 510-horsepower V6 turbo engine, already known from the Giulia QV, is connected to the car but connected to a hybrid drive system, boosting the total horsepower to 600 horsepower. The battery powered by the electric motor will be large enough to make the car 50 kilometers clean as an electric car.

We are likely to see some kind of pre-order in 2021, but production should only begin in 2022 or later.


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