Totalcar – Magazine – Mercedes's giant shirt arrived


Mercedes' biggest all-terrain vehicle has undergone a change of character. Formerly known as GL, they have not tried replacing the G class for some time, and this is already visible in the design.

Earlier, jumping forms completely changed the place for the softer lines of the civic Mercedes. It may seem that GLS is a more friendly phenomenon for German competitors, the BMW X7 with its dilated nostril and the Audi Q7 screaming with the roaring figure in front of it. But by its size, it probably will not be a more satisfying phenomenon in the mirror. The more rounded shape is also more aerodynamic than the previous one: the air resistance factor decreased from 0.35 to 0.32.

The photos do not really tell what the car is. The man is suspect when one discovers that the smallest rims with which the model is available are 19 inches, but in the photos it is probably the 21st version of the peak, and they do not look too large. The GLS is more than 5.2 meters long, its wheelbase is 3.1 meters wide and the width of the mirrors is 1.96 meters.

At the beginning of the distribution, GLS will be available in four different versions. The two-way turbocharged petrol engine: the 450 is the 367-hp version of the three-liter six-cylinder Mercedes in series, and the 580 is the 4-liter V8, which here will be 489 hp. In addition, there will be slightly more diesel, with the same three-liter six-cylinder engine: 350d with 286 hp and 600 Nm of maximum torque, 400d with 331 hp and 700 Nm. It seems to Europe that the latest models are designed by Mercedes, it is likely that we will only offer the AMG versions coming later with our gasoline engine. If midn is true, there will be at least two of them, one of six and one of eight cylinders, and a more hybrid version is expected.

Of course, the seven-seat giant will incorporate everything we expect from a luxury Merced with four-wheel drive, air suspension, LCD panel and automatic emergency brake, and even an off-road package that would take you to field. It also adds an automatic transmission with another half. And who would buy it because of the space offer will not be disappointed: with the electric seats folded down, a 2400-liter cargo space can be built in the car.

This is one of the Mercedes models that will be produced only in North America, from where they will be shipped everywhere. The type is expected to be released in Europe during the fall, and later versions will only be available in 2020.


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